Sunday, July 3, 2011

Take Me Out To the Ballgame!

We were invited to go to the Ranger game tonight to celebrate a very special 12 year old girl.....
Phoebe is one amazing, smart, hysterical, beautiful girl! We adore her and love being around her! Her dad offices out at the ballpark so for her bday the whole family got to come and watch a game! It was a GREAT game but we ended up losing:( But not before lots of fun was had!
little shot of Wilson and Kinsler in action!

Chandler and Phoebe
Once the sun went down it was a really pleasant evening- lots of good talks with old friends and new! I will have the priviledge of spending almost TWO weeks with Phoebe and her family because they are all going to Rwanda with me!! We are all so excited and most of our talks always end up in Rwanda:)
Phoebe is going to be awesome there because she already has such a servant heart (she scooped out and handed out her own ice cream tonight before getting hers!)

this is the mini-field out in center field where kids can swing at a wiffle ball! Phoebe's brother, Judson, did an awesome job down there!!

Such a fun night and more fun to follow tomorrow! Happy 4th everyone!!!

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  1. oh, yeah baby! Glad you guys could come. It was so much fun having you there. Love ya'll! :)