Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Paul!

We had so much fun celebrating Paul's birthday this weekend! He wanted to have all of his Korean friends come to our house for a party!

 I made a scrapbook for him with all the pics (so far) that I've taken over the last 2 months.  All the kids got a party favor complete with an American flag (I thought they needed that little souvenir to take home!:) they also had tatoos in there, as you can see on Paul's face the whole weekend!

2 posters for Paul that kids from school had signed!

Lots of Texas presents:)
Paul's sister, Amy is in the middle. She doesn't like to get her picture taken either!
He wanted to light his own candles:) he doesn't like cake so I suggested ice cream cake and he LOVED that idea! (Then I called my mom and asked her to make it:))

Everyone loved the ice cream cake!
It is hard to get Paul to play for us- we asked Amy to play as well- she said no:) But she did play "air piano" while Paul played:)
John, the Miller's boy, gave him a Texas A&M shirt!:)

Daniel came up to me and asked if he could spend the night since everyone else was spending the night (Um sure you can spend the night, but what do you mean everyone else is spending the night??:)) Apparently they all wanted to sleep over but didn't want to ask:) SOOO everyone stayed the whole night! ELEVEN kids! ages 7-17! We had a blast though! I took them to a 10:00 movie (Journey 2) and they all loved it!

We seriously took up almost an entire row!

I am convinced that silly string is the universal toy of laughter! It was such a hit in Africa and I couldn't come up with anything else that kids 7-17 would like to do so I bought several cans and let them go! They had never heard of it- and they LOVED it!

Then it was bed time (ha!) Around 2:00am I went around to check on everyone and found a couple of them still up talking. Since we had church the next morning, I told them to go to sleep!! They were all so sweet in the morning and we actually left EARLY for church! We stopped by our donut store (where the owners are Korean!) They loved getting to talk to them!

We had so much fun! Thankfully they are all out of school today for President's Day so we are just being LAZY!:) Only 6 more days with sweet Paul- we will miss him!!