Thursday, June 21, 2012

Africa T Shirts!

 We are SOLD OUT of shirts for the moment!! Thank you!

We finally have our Africa t- shirts for sale!! As you know, we are headed back to Rwanda in just THREE weeks!! We are so excited but we still have some fundraising to do! (We had a little modeling session with the Cheathams!) There are 4 different shirts- all are $20 each
Let's start with the green...and the navy...
These are both the same shirt- super soft and comfy, v neck, unisex. They fit completely true to size- Jeff and Derek have on a large and I have a medium. All the shirts have Isaiah 61 on the back. And on the front say pray.give.go which was inspired by my super cool blog friend, Wynne

 Next is the baseball tee- love this one!! (well ok I love all of them:)) This one comes in YOUTH sizes too! (Don't worry, little man Beck Cheatham has one on order:)) they run a little big- I got a small in it (which is probably why it's my favorite;) Jeff still went with a large though- just depends how you like them to fit!

 And lastly here is the teal-ish color women's fit tee. It is also soft and comfy but more of a "fitted tee"  You definitely want to go a size up in these. Heather has a medium on here and is definitely a small usually! I got a large in this one. Chandler can wear the small though and it looks super cute on her too!

So yeah, that's it! Order yours today and help support our trip! Thank you!!! If you are local just let me know and I can just give it to you so you don't have to pay shipping:)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

i love CAMP! (cheer camp part 2)

Ok, this was the BEST day at camp!! We always have one day at camp to wear whatever colors we want- just to break up the one million red white and black tshirts in our closets! So as I was looking around for some fun, different shirts I ended up looking at some blogs I read....and found THE PERFECT shirts for camp!! My sweet online friend,   Wynne is adopting a sweet little boy from Ethiopia and naming him CAMP!!!! How precious! and was selling these shirts to help raise money for the adoption. I knew right away we must wear these!!
 I mean seriously, how cute are these!! My girls loved them and LOVED the story behind them!

 So we get to the morning rally and give a shirt to all 4 of our buddy counselors! They immediately put them on and wore them for the rest of the day!! Cameron (below) wanted to know all about them so we start telling him the story. And then....he has all 64 FWC Cheerleaders stand up so all 450 campers can see our shirts and then asks the girls to tell everyone what they're about!! It was the coolest thing!

 3 of our buddies wearing CAMP shirts!

 We wore them all day around the TCU campus and I cannot tell you how many people asked us about them! At some point in the day I started handing out notebook paper "business cards"! So many of the staff and other schools wanted to go to the website and order shirts too!!

It was such a blessing to get to wear these and get to talk about a sweet little boy who will soon be home with his forever family! AND after she had made these shirts they found out that they actually get to adopt TWO sweet kids! Camp now has a sister... Asher! We cannot wait to watch this story unfold and see these 2 precious children come home!! As a squad, we will be praying for them and will all celebrate the day they get to be with their mommy and daddy!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Just got home from an amazing week at TCU for NCA Cheer Camp! All 4 squads did wonderful, improved in so many things and bonded as teams! It was not all without a hitch but we took all the obstacles and ran right through them! And, of course, I took a million pictures to document it all!:)
 Just gonna warn you right now- there are 26 pictures in this post:)
JV was abandoned by me for a time while I had to deal with some varsity injuries- they just kept right on going and didn't miss a beat- so proud of these girls!!

 Practicing hard all day, every day. I spotted these cutie 7th graders practicing their motions on the way to dinner:)

 I am so blessed by this Varsity and JV- they are all amazing sweet girls and I just love them!

 Above: 8th grade   Below: Jr. Varsity

 Shirley's the best! We had a great time together! I'm loving my hair and bow exclusively done by miss Kelsey!- thank you very much!

 Just a few pics of some serious talent:) Ok- one is my daughter but she seriously rocked it at camp!
 Tianti and Marlee- both GREAT flyers and learned so much at camp- we're going to have some fun stunts this year!
 8th grade friends!

 This is Chandler trying out for All American! She did SO good!


 She got All American!!! SO proud of you Chandler!!

And of course there were some wonderful moments and events at camp that took my breath away to see the Lord working in powerful ways! The BEST day at camp was "I LOVE CAMP" day- seriously God is awesome and we had a lot of fun witnessing Him move and stir some hearts at camp- those pictures and stories are coming tomorrow!!! I can't WAIT to show them!!