Saturday, December 31, 2011


We had a wonderful night tonight ringing in the new year! We are so blessed by such wonderful friends!
 Had to get in a little Headbanz game! So fun:)) (Heather doesn't really like games but I think she secretly had fun!)

 We had some pretty interesting characters......

Trine & Sharon

Marianne & Jeff

Carrie and Craig

Love all these sweet kids!

Patton may have gotten a little too excited:))

The too-cool teenagers:)

Barbara & Ryan

Me & my wonderful husband!!:)
Honestly, this morning I was a little sad thinking about where I was last New Year's eve.  At Africa Transformation Network working with the Peace House Boys serving street kids.  But God is good and I am thankful to spend time with my friends here too. At this precise moment (12:57 am) I am sitting here typing and Chandler and Patton are arguing the points of either 1) Going to Rwanda today- like literally today, they are looking up flights   and/or  2) moving to Rwanda    I LOVE these kids!! Jeff may be a little shocked in the morning when we are all packed up and ready to go:) haha! I wish! Hope you all had a wonderful night!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Longing to be there.....

Guess where I want to be today????

 Guess who I am missing with an ache in my heart???

That's my favorite picture of him!:) He looks so happy! I pray that he is that joyful today, that somebody loves on him, and that he knows he is loved by us! I pray that I get to see him again soon!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas!!- Part 2

 Christmas with the Polk's was a blast! We had so much fun and it is always crazy but entertaining with 12 kids and 12 adults in the same house!  We met at church for a candle light service on Christmas Eve-

And then headed to the Blackstock's house for dinner and Minute to Win It games!!
 Move the gingerbread man from your forehead to your mouth just using your facial muscles!:)

 Each kid drew an adults name and that was their partner!
 Those boys thought they were pretty cool!:)

 Karen and Chandler thinking they can win it all!!
Then off to the Polk's house for all the other festivities! Our talented teens once again put on an amazing Christmas play called The Silent Night- it was so good and sweet and it's quite a job that they can get all those kids to listen and do what they want them to do!! Here they are coming up with ideas:
 Christmas morning!!!

 Neon was all the rage for these boys:)

 Haleigh and Bret:)

 The Christmas outfit just wasn't complete without a  Snow White outfit on top:)
 Just had to capture this: 12 kids opening presents and complete chaos all around but Papa is still somehow able to catch a few zzzz's!!:))

 Bret showing them all some soccer skills! So sweet and he worked with Chandler too for her upcoming games!
 Super fun game called headbanz! We all loved playing it!
 We all thought this was hilarious!!!

 And we topped it all off with some karaoke! Fun fun times! A Great Christmas!!