Saturday, December 31, 2011


We had a wonderful night tonight ringing in the new year! We are so blessed by such wonderful friends!
 Had to get in a little Headbanz game! So fun:)) (Heather doesn't really like games but I think she secretly had fun!)

 We had some pretty interesting characters......

Trine & Sharon

Marianne & Jeff

Carrie and Craig

Love all these sweet kids!

Patton may have gotten a little too excited:))

The too-cool teenagers:)

Barbara & Ryan

Me & my wonderful husband!!:)
Honestly, this morning I was a little sad thinking about where I was last New Year's eve.  At Africa Transformation Network working with the Peace House Boys serving street kids.  But God is good and I am thankful to spend time with my friends here too. At this precise moment (12:57 am) I am sitting here typing and Chandler and Patton are arguing the points of either 1) Going to Rwanda today- like literally today, they are looking up flights   and/or  2) moving to Rwanda    I LOVE these kids!! Jeff may be a little shocked in the morning when we are all packed up and ready to go:) haha! I wish! Hope you all had a wonderful night!!

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  1. Aweee - that was so fun!!!! And the games were actually pretty fun ;)
    We are so blessed to have you as our friends! We love the Polks!
    Thanks so much for having us last night! Such a blast!