Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!- Part one

 This past Saturday we had the "Holder" side of Christmas! We had such a wonderful night! We opted for La Hacienda take out fajitas and everyone brought a dessert! It was awesome! The kids were all hilarious and it was so much fun watching them open up gifts from the person who drew their name. They were all so appreciative of everything and got so excited watching others open up gifts too! Here is the Borecki family- so precious! We decided to snap a pic before dinner- smart move!:)


Beautiful table that Ashlee set- they were great hosts!

Aunt Laura with Patton and Rhett

 When you think about it, what is Christmas without a little break dancing? Just plain boring, that's what:)

 And nothing says I love you like a wrestling match.... I think Sadie had the right idea:)

 Sadie CRACKED us up all night saying that the "middle-est" kids should get to open their presents first because we always either go oldest to youngest or youngest to oldest. I totally agreed with her!!! (oh yeah, I'm a middle-est too!) So that got discussions going on where everyone fell in the family order:) Here are the middle-est:
 Here are the oldest- notice their type A way of lining up in a straight boring line- they didn't even realize they were doing it:))
 And the youngest:) Always so spoiled happy!!

 Bridge got several animals to play with- he LOVED THEM!
 Grami asked all the kids to try and think of what she could've gotten all 8 grandkids? They couldn't think of anything that everyone from Chandler to Rhett would love....
 Matching under Armour sweatshirts!:) They loved them!!
 Campbell gave out several recycled gifts from around his room!! SO sweet:))
 Doesn't Rhett look like she's giving the ok sign about this gift!!:)  Every year Chelsa gives me and my mom and sisters money. And EVERY year she comes up with the most creative way to give it.This year she talked about how we meet for lunch every now and then and she thought we should try to eat a little healthier sometimes, like salads and such. (I was dying thinking my Mi Cocina days were over and we'd start meeting at subway or something:) So she pulls out these "salad" bowls with crinckled up cash and red ornaments for tomatoes:) SO creative!
 My mom has been using a computer that is 9 years old and it is the.slowest.thing.EVER! So she got a old new one! A little refurbishing goes a long way!:)

We had such a great time- I love Christmas!!! Christmas with the Polk side this weekend- can't wait!

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