Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Go! Fight! Win!

Chandler cheered in her first football game and they did SO good!! It was so much fun to watch them! Looking forward to many seasons of this:)
She has the best group of friends! All of these girls are precious:))
 Cheering on the Cardinals!!! Ready for the football team to run out!
 Tumbling out in front of the boys:))
 Making such great memories:)

 Sweet friends!
And of course I wanted a pic with Allison....but with those 2, the perfect shot may not be on the first take.......

And look who came to watch her..........
 Sweet baby Rhett!
And Grami too! (and Channing and Bridge:))
Such a fun night! I LOVE watching her cheer because she loves it so much!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

More of Rwanda!

Oh happy day!! This is a picture of the day I talked about earlier- holding that baby on my back was THE BEST!!!! I'll never forget it!

 She just slept while I worked on files! So cute!

 We needed 2 buses and a van to get from Kigali to Rwanda. Why? Because one ENTIRE bus was filled with donations to give to the orphanage! It was SO awesome to look over at that bus:)
 The girls from "the hills":) Me, Rebekah, Phoebe, Shannon---love these girls!!

I've gotta say, I've been home from Rwanda for a while and I am just now posting again. Sorry! I've just had a weird re-entry this time. I have been busier than ever, sick almost everyday since I've been back (with jet-lag and then cold, bronchitis, ear infection etc.) Jeff and Patton got pneumonia, I went full swing into fall cheerleading, AND my sister had her baby!!! So- I've neglected the blog:( AND I have around 4,762 pictures of my new precious baby niece. But I wanted to share the rest of the Rwanda pics first and every time I sat down to do it I got overwhelmed. I was trying to put them into neat little sections by day or event but I just can't do it. So instead you get to enter my jumbled up mind and see a million pictures that are all over the place:) Enjoy!

 I mean seriously? Is he not the cutest thing in the entire world?? 

 Loved getting to know this couple!!

 Tracy calming this scared little one- SOOO precious!!!!
 Phoebe and one of the cutest smiley-est kids-- I heart these 2!!!
 Medical team getting ready for the day

 My sweet friend Brandi donated all these bows and they were so cute in their hair!!

 Alex to the rescue!! Lights go out- Alex will volunteer to climb on a VERY unstable desk and play around with some "hot" wiring so we can all enjoy a brightly lit room once again:)) Thanks Alex!!

 Rainboots boy just melts my heart again....

 The picture above is just so typical everywhere you look-- such young children being the caretaker for one or more siblings. This girl seemed, to me, to not even realize she was holding her brother. It was just an everyday occurrence. What was NOT everyday was what was happening around her. This was such an amazing part of the trip. We all had gone shopping in a little market. We checked out one by one and it was taking a long time to get through all of us:) So those of us who had already checked out went outside and sat on the "porch" of the store. Several people came up to the street in front and just stared at us. We would smile or wave and they would laugh and wave, but as the minutes went by more and more people were gathering around to see what was going on. The best we could figure was that all of these people had seen white people before, but none of them had seen 30 white people all together in the same place before! In just about 10 minutes, 100's of people were gathered around. We tried to sing for them and Phoebe busted out the world-popular "robot" action which they all laughed at. Carol had them doing chants back and forth to see which side could be louder and Brad G. went around the crowd and came up behind them and stood for about 3 minutes before they realized he was there. They jumped when they saw him:)

That's all for now!! Man- just posting these has made me long to go back as soon as possible!! Miss this country, this time, and these Rwandan people. They are forever in my heart!