Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Go! Fight! Win!

Chandler cheered in her first football game and they did SO good!! It was so much fun to watch them! Looking forward to many seasons of this:)
She has the best group of friends! All of these girls are precious:))
 Cheering on the Cardinals!!! Ready for the football team to run out!
 Tumbling out in front of the boys:))
 Making such great memories:)

 Sweet friends!
And of course I wanted a pic with Allison....but with those 2, the perfect shot may not be on the first take.......

And look who came to watch her..........
 Sweet baby Rhett!
And Grami too! (and Channing and Bridge:))
Such a fun night! I LOVE watching her cheer because she loves it so much!

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  1. just the CUTEST thing ever! oh and sweet baby Rhett! and that pic of Allison and Chandler. love it!