Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Parker!!

 Can't BELIEVE my baby boy is SEVEN!!! How in the world did that happen???
We had our annual "Parker and Sie" birthday party this weekend! They have shared a bday party every year since they were 2! Such fun memories!! (and half the work and cost:))))
We love this boy so much- he makes us smile EVERY day!! He says the funniest things, is so kind, and is ALWAYS asking to help out around the house. So sweet!! He brings such joy to our lives!! My pregnancy with him was the hardest out of the 3, and many times we didn't think he'd make it to even a "viable" stage of life but he surprised us all when he wasn't born until 37 weeks!! (the doctors kept talking about the baby not being viable yet- they used that word over and over- and I'll never forget the prayer my mom said over me while I lay in the hospital bed on complete bedrest--"Lord, they keep saying this baby is not viable, but he's viable to us God! We pray for your healing!!") Can't even imagine our lives without him!
We had the party at the dreaded Skatetown!! But actually it was really fun, not crowded AT ALL, and one of my favorite parties of theirs!! These kids can skate it up!

And you know what they say, A FAMILY THAT SKATES TOGETHER.........

Lots of family and friends came to celebrate the boys!

We celebrated at school and the next day too- this boy was livin it up all weekend! We had such a great time celebrating our sweet Parker!!

I'll leave you with just a few of my favorite things he's said and done over the years:

1.  (age 3) singing Silent Night- replaces "Christ the Savior is born" with "Christ in flavor is gum"

2.  (age 4) Sings "Jesus take the Wii" instead of the wheel:))

3. (age 4) we had been talking about the fruit of the spirit- and whenever I did something that he thought was nice he would say, Mom- you're gentleness and self-control!

4. (age 5) P: I'm never getting married
               Me: Why?
                P: Because I don't want someone telling me what to do all the time-AND what if she likes sushi? I don't want to eat sushi.
             Me: Well maybe when you meet a girl, you should ask her if she likes sushi, and then if she does, you just move on.
              P: That's a good idea

5. (age 6) Someone told him he looked like me. They said we had the same genes. He said "yeah but mine are dark and hers are light."

6.  (age 6) "Sometimes my eyes water when I hear a sweet song"

7. (age 6)  After getting back from Africa he told his teacher he didn't know if he could do everything that day because he still had some "jet LEG"!

LOVE this boy!!


  1. oh my word! cracking up at everything about this post! laugh out loud! love that boy! he's darling!
    and... "a family that skates together..... stays together!" lol

  2. Hi, Brittany! You won the Africa ornament on my blog contest. Lucky for you, no one else entered!! can you email me at and we can discuss your ornament!