Sunday, October 16, 2011

Home Sweet Homecoming!!!

Friday was our school's homecoming! This is probably the biggest week of the year for me. My sweet cheerleaders worked tirelessly to put on a wonderful pep rally and then cheered on our football team to victory!! Our theme was Candyland and it was so much fun to decorate! I had help from my cheerleaders, teachers, coaches, some AWESOME cheerleader moms and my sweet husband, mom and sister!! They all helped to transform the 50 year old gym into a sweet candy land!
This is the front lobby that everyone walked through

Trying to get all the last-minute details into place!!

Grandma Nut's gingerbread house

I took a picture of our family's candyland board game and had Brian at Victory Graphics blow it up to 12X15!

The Chocolate Mountain and Taffy river- one example of my talented cheer moms! Amazing!!!  it's so funny because all the candyland games over the years are totally different- so we just picked what we liked from all of them and combined them

Peppermint Forest- we chose this to be in the corner where the football guys walk out because it was RED and WHITE! (another mom's creation)

4 of these guys were all around the gym- I know, I have some seriously talented cheer moms!! 

 We had A LOT of help and lots of fun getting this all put together!

 And A LOT of sweet family that came to see it and watch Chandler perform!

KayKay, Angie, Edie

Bridge, Grami, Sadie, Ashlee, Rhett, Campbell, Channing, Chelsa

After staying up at the gym till FOUR A.M. on Thursday, it was so great to see it all come together on Friday! All the hard work the girls put in on their routines really paid off and they did SO good!!

Ice Cream Castle in the background-  there were SO many people there!! Sitting room only:))

Confetti Cannons are really cool!!

 We are so blessed to be able to go to this school. All of my older cheerleaders are always so sweet to my kids and my kids adore them!

Sweet Claire!

Coach Smiley was so kind and is always so encouraging to me! I am pretty much mortified when he calls me up there and talks about me but he is just the sweetest and I am so blessed to have him as a boss!
We also had a parade (which I didn't get to see because I was running around in the gym) and, of course, the football game!!!

This is a great picture- because, um Patton is not on the elementary student council! But there he is anyway and looking cute as ever!!

These boys got to run the flags at the pep rally and game and they were the "dots" in the dot race!

Chandler and her group of friends-- 1. they all look so old   2. We really just don't need to talk about how crazy this is that she is this old and having mums and friends and these crazy things

This is the "seriously mom, if  you take one more picture I am going to die right here" smile!


Kallison- oh I mean Allison and Kallan

My stunningly beautiful cheerleaders/homecoming queen nominees!

The whole homecoming queen court!

Precious little cheerleaders who did  a GREAT job at the game!! (Kendall)



Well that was A LOT of pictures!! (and I cut back on a lot of them!!) FUN weekend and I am so thankful for how it all turned out! I am also so thankful that it is over!! For now...I've already been thinking about next year:))))

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