Thursday, December 15, 2011


I've started this post 3 times but never finished it. Not because I didn't have a lot to say but because I wanted to say the right things. My sweet Nana went home to be with Jesus on Thursday, December 1. I have not been the best about going to see her consistently but I have been able to spend so much more time with her since she has lived here. And for some reason, God chose to let me be there when she took her last breath. Thank you Lord!
 We've been told a few times over the last few years that she might be going "any day" but if you knew Nana, she had a spunk in her that proved the doctors wrong several times. On Tuesday, hospice told my mom it would be any time now. She stayed with her that day, left to go get a charger for her phone, came back to Nana talking and eating dinner!:)
But by Wednesday there was no more interaction, no more talking, no more movement.
 On Thursday me and my 2 sisters went up there to join our mom who was by Nana's side constantly. We spent the day there, talking and reminiscing.
 About 1:55 the nurse told us it would be very soon. We gathered around her and held her hands and cried. Sad to lose our Nana but also in awe that we were witnessing her final moments here and knowing she was about to see Jesus!
 My mom was on her right side, touching her face, running her fingers through her hair. And constantly telling her she loved her and how wonderful of a mother she had been. At 2:04 she miraculously opened her eyes and turned to look straight at my mom. Her eyes had been very cloudy and gray, not focusing on anything. But suddenly they were as bright and clear as a child's! She looked lovingly at my mom and then she lifted up her hand to take my mothers! My mom grabbed her hand and said I love you so much. And then you could just tell Nana wanted to say something. She was so peaceful and focused but had a look of yearning. Then my mom said "I know you love us too". Right after that she totally relaxed and had the most peaceful look I've ever seen. It's as if she wanted to be the one who said "I love you" last so that my mom would be able to carry that with her forever. She literally took her last breath just moments after that. There was no pain, or struggle, just perfect peace.
 All that day and night I just kept telling God that I felt like I couldn't thank him enough for that gift.
We are sad to lose her but I honestly can't think of a better ending. She was a strong Christian woman who raised 3 awesome kids, loved and spoiled her 8 granddaughters and her work here was done!

She is praising Jesus and hanging out with Gramps! Beautiful!! I know for certain that she heard my mom say "I love you" and the next thing she heard was "Well done, good and faithful servant"!

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