Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 1 at Noel Orphanage

What a wonderful day!! Got to the orphanage at 9- I now know what it's like to be a pop star surrounded by paparazzi!! There are 34 of us and 600+ of them- we were overwhelmed (in a great way!) by all the hugs and smiles!! Precious precious kids! They took us on a tour of their home and at each dorm the kids who lived there performed a dance for us! The we unloaded the bus off supplies and donations! Oh my word- crazy! It was awesome! We only gave out a few things because the rest of the morning we were getting the medical clinic ready for the kids. They saw 41 infants today and will see the other 600 throughout the week. There are several of us non medical people so we have different jobs each day. Today I got to just play with the kids, and hold some babies! Tomorrow I will help with the charts in the clinic! I have some of the cutest pics ever and I can't get them on here!!!! But I'll keep trying! look on my fb for a precious pic of a 2 week old baby girl- just breaks your heart! But hopefully with the meds and preventive care they're getting she will be a strong little girl soon!
The hotel where we are staying is really nice, I mean nice like I feel guilty:/ its still africa and we dont have water a lot of the time but nice just the same! but it is such a great place to come debrief together and get much needed sleep! Thanks for all the prayers and support! Phoebe is already asleep so she'll have to post tomorrow- she is GREAT with the kids and at any given point you can see a crowd of children around her singing Justin B and Rhianna! Hilarious!
Love you all!!

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