Thursday, July 28, 2011

We are heading into our last day at Noel. It has been so wonderful! Yesterday was my favorite because during lunch I went to the baby room and held lots of babies! There was one in a crib in the corner that just looked so weak and frail and I asked if I could hold her. Thankfully I had her when she started throwing up everywhere. So much volume for such a small baby. We quickly got some of our doctors in there and they determined she had a fever and was very dehydrated. They gave her some pedialite drink and made sure one of the room moms stayed up with her all night to continually feed her and watch her. I can't wait to go see her this morning and see if she has improved. After being there for a while I got brave and asked if they would put a baby on my back- the way they hold them. And they said yes!! It was awesome and the most precious baby was on my back for a long time! When it was time for me to go back to work in the doctors office I told them I needed to go and they said "take, take". REALLY??? I can just take her all over the orphanage?? Um ok!!! That baby just nestled on my back the whole time I worked!! So precious!! (except for maybe when she let it all go down my back and clothes:)) we're hoping they'll let us do that again today!! I want to just say, hey if you don't mind me taking her around the orphanage, do you mind if I just take her home?? I've got a list of people that would adopt her in a heartbeat!!
Speaking of that, Heather- I know little man is in Ethiopia BUT I found little man #2 for you!! It's so frustrating that I can't get pics on here! But this little one is so adorable and the crazy thing is when he laughs he sounds just like Ellison! Seriously, I thought she was here and turned around and saw him!! He smiles ALL the time and is so happy! He is probably 2 or 3 and just has the cutest personality!
Gotta run! More later!
Thanks Phoebe for posting yesterday!!

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  1. Oh my heart!!! that just hurts! I would take him in a heartbeat! If only it was that simple... :(
    I don't know why I just now saw this post... :/
    I cannot wait to talk to you and hear all about this trip. Surely it has done a number on your heart sweet friend.
    Chandler is upstairs sleeping at my house now. Had a surprise party for HC last night. fun times!