Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

I have always loved the 4th of July! Always been patriotic, loved our country, and loved celebrating with family! This year we had just a small gathering of family over to our house to cook out and then some of us headed out to watch some fireworks! Always fun!
 It is just SOO hot outside and since the boys were cooking out we thought we'd at least get the slip-n-slide out for the kids to play with so they weren't just melting the whole time they were here! Bridge was a little skeptical at first, but ended up loving it! Never slipped or slide-ed:) but loved playing in the water!

We watched some old home movies and just sat around and talked (and ate:)) and had a great time!
LOVE this kid!!!

shootin' some hoops! yes, that is jeff in a giant cowboy hat:) I mean, why not?

Uncle B sportin' the awesome shades!

Sweet aunt Chelsa and sweet Chandler
Then it was off to the fireworks! It was looking like it might be a huge fail but we moved spots and all was well!
Awesome Grami!!

And I'll leave you with this gem of a pic- ah Patton- how you make us laugh! Love that middle child- his parents are both middles, what can you expect? There are just really no words...
Happy Independence Day!!!

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