Sunday, July 24, 2011

Made it to Rwanda last night around 8:00pm local time. The flights were really pretty good. We almost missed our connecting flight from Amsterdam to Kigali because of a delay on the first flight. But we ran all over the airport and slipped on that plane at the last minute! I talked with Jill Shelby for a while and then went to bed around 10:30. I did not move positions until I woke up at 7:00- so I got some good sleep! And then this morning........the peace house boys came to pick me up and walk me to church! What a joy to open that gate and see Yves standing there with a huge smile and a hug! Oh those boys are the best! We had a wonderful church service where the guy next to me translated the whole sermon for me!
Just look at these precious boys! They ALL asked about Jeff, Chandler, Patton and Parker:) and the rest of our group from last time! We had a wonderful time together! I gave them all their new things and we played for hours with frisbees, jump rope, and water balloons! They were so excited to get all the craft supplies too! We took another tour of their house and got to see all their pictures and drawings around their beds. They had all the pics of  C P & P from our trip last time. Yves came up to me and showed me he had 3 pictures of me and him!!!! Made my day! I took so many pictures today but seriously that pic above took 20 minutes to upload so I don't know how many I'll get on here!:(
They loved the shirts we got them! They match what their mural is in their living room and it says "the house of peace and love"  That is what the boys named their house- so sweet!
Signing off now but will try to post again tomorrow! Phoebe is going to do a "guest blog" this week for me:)) Love you all!


  1. Awesome!!! So glad you are back there! I know your kids will be excited to see those pics of the boys! Chandler spent the night with us last night... and I think she might be coming back later so that Jeff can get some work done before he leaves for Honduras. Love you and praying for you! Can't wait for Phoebe's guest blog!!

  2. Love the post and want you to know I was so blessed by your blog last time that you have inspired me to create my own. Praying for you all on your journey and I will try to keep the boys in line.