Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pebble Beach

We just got home from Pebble Beach, CA with our wonderful friends Trine and Sharon. It was an amazing trip! We fully relaxed and enjoyed every minute! Really, anytime I have to wear a fleece in July I'm happy! Get ready for a ton of pictures:) I don't have a lot of time to write a lot but I wanted to get these up for the Owens to see!

These were from the Owen's original house in Pebble Beach- so pretty! Both houses were amazing but they have tons of special memories of this one

This is Forge in the Forrest- a precious little cafe we ate at 2 times- so cute!

Those are some of the amazing restaurants we ate at. We seriously gained a ton of weight but everything was SO good!

The Lone Cyprus

Seals just hanging out on the beach:)

One thing I learned this trip was how much of a marine biologist Sharon is:) She LOVES all this sea life! (The sea otter is her favorite, in case you wondered)

The plants and flowers were amazing!

He was just swimming along in front of us:)

The cutest little store "Cottage of Sweets" Yum!
My favorite thing to do was shop in Carmel. All the stores were so cute! We found lots of good deals (Sharon said she had never seen any kind of sale in Carmel before but I guess the economy has even hit Carmel!)

One day we drove through Big Sur on our way to San Simeon and Hearst Castle. It was a breathtakingly beautiful drive!

We went through the Carmel valley and stopped at Bernardus Lodge for a wine tasting and a little bocce ball! It was such a fun day- we played for over 2 hours and laughed a lot!

Had to get a picture of the grown-ups drink of choice and then mine:) Give me a coke and I'm happy!
This is my FAVORITE picture of all! It is the exact spot where the Parent Trap was filmed. Mitch (the dad) has just picked up Sharon (who he thinks is Susan) from the Monteray Bay airport and they are driving back to the ranch in Carmel. Don't think I didn't quote the entire movie several times (I'm sure they loved it:)  
 We took one day to spend at the beach- and it turned out to be the hottest day! It was so wonderful and relaxing!

We brought our lunch- I'll let you guess which side of the blanket was mine:) I really do have the taste buds of a 4 year old- but I've come to terms with it and have embraced it!
We rode surrey's down the beach- so fun!

I'll leave you with the bagpiper from Spanish Bay. Each night he appears from the beach (with the fog rolling in) and plays for a while. We spent time here, and looking out over the 18th green of Pebble Beach but no golf was played the whole trip- crazy!
Gotta run and pack because I leave for Rwanda TOMORROW! I am so excited! I have lots of mixed emotions since the kids are not coming and I've been away from them so much- but I am praying for peace over all of us! I'll be updating the blog (hopefully) often!!

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