Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wonderful Horrible day

Wow- what a day. The hardest by far emotionally, but amazing. Started out going to the orphanage "Home of Hope"- precious time that was filled with tears. I thought of Mark and Chelsea the whole time as I looked at each baby and thought "are you the next Jacobs?" I tried to memorize every face and take it all in. As I touched each one I said the name of Jesus over and over each one and sang Jesus loves you to them. I just wanted them all to hear the name of Jesus and have them know that they are loved. It is the best orphanage in Rwanda but still just SO hard to see. Crib after crib just filled to the brim with crying babies. Some scared to death of you, some begging you to touch them, hold them or sing to them. Broke our hearts. Chandler bonded with a little boy that just loved her and the boys hugged each and every child they could. They also have a wing for adults with special needs (which is unheard of here) and it just broke our hearts. I'll have lots more to share about this at home but it was very impactful.  Then we went out to lunch at a real African restuarant. I'll have lots to share about the food here too! ha
   Then we went  to 2 genocide memorials. It was gut wrenching and so hard to see but so good to see.  Thousands upon thousands of skulls just sitting on shelves. Some clearly children.  One church memorial there was 5,000 bodies found there and the other there were 10,000. It really is so hard to take it in and process. It was one of those things that you were so glad you got to experience and at the same time you wish you could go back to when you didn't know.
 The end of the night was an unexpected treat. The Kimbows, Crowsons and Robinsons had taken care of our kids while we went to the memorials. Then the Kimbrows invited our family over for dinner. She made homemade pizza and it was A-MAZING! The kids had eaten before we got there and David Kimbrow said they ate like they hadn't eaten in a week!:) Then I sat down to eat and was eating the same way! So good! They are hilarious and just really neat people and we were so blessed to spend the evening with them. Since it is such a big group here it is kinda hard to really get to know each missionary so we were very thankful.
  **This didn't go through last night so here is a small update. We had a great time with the boys today and had lots of fun doing crafts. (Barbara- they LOVED the fruit scratch things, thank you!) One of the street boys asked Jeff if he could come home with us on Friday- broke my heart. I think it was Garen's idea for me to bring candy to hand out when we walk everywhere and it has been a HUGE sucess!! They can see us coming for miles and start running up to get another sucker! so sweet.  And tonight I got to talk to Chelsea!! It was amazing to talk to a friend that is right down the street from you in Rwanda!! I got to tell her about the orphanage and she is having a great time on her trip and getting so excited to go to Home of Hope too!! It has been so great for our family to be here. We are learning so much and spending so much time together. Such a blessing! We love you all and miss you! I don't feel like we've here "too long"  but we do miss our friends and family so much!


  1. I enjoy reading your updates. I was just telling Murray the other day that I can't imagine how we will feel once we actually go to ET and meet little Dinks. If our hearts have been ripped out just reading about other's journeys and experiences, what will it be like to experience it ourselves? Praying now for my heart to be able to handle it. I know parts of it will be rough, and parts will be full of joy. The Lord is alive and active. I see evidence of it all the time! Your family is definitely part of the evidence. I love that you all went on this trip together!

  2. Oh tears my sweet friend. Love that your family is experiencing this. Once again.... I can't wait to hear all the stories in person!!!!!

  3. I love to read what you guys are experiencing! What a treasure for your family that I'm sure will have an impact on you all for the rest of your lives...I can't wait to hear more! So thankful for all God is doing through you!