Saturday, January 1, 2011

More from Rwanda!

Got the chance at another quick update! We are still having a great time- a few bumps in the road but still loving it! (Jeff and Parker have a cough and I got car sick yesterday going to the market-ughhh I'm such a weakling!) anyway- the new year's party last night was awesome! The missionaries went downtown to pick up some more street kids to invite to the party. About 17 of them came.  When they got there they got to take a shower and get a new pair of clothes and while they showered we washed their old clothes (by hand- oh my word, these clothes were filthy! It was really sad) The 7 street boys that have already been rescued and live at the house helped wash the clothes too. It was neat to see them get to give back- they loved it. After the 17 left we threw another party for just the 7. We had decorations, music, and pizza. They had a ball and boy can they dance- Michael Jackson was being played loud!! I loved it!
 I am so thankful that Kelly and her kids are here. My kids have bonded fast with them! The boys have been collecting bottle caps on the road each time we walk from school to home and have collected quite a few. Yesterday when we got to the second session of the day, the 7 boys came running up to Patton and gave him handfuls of bottlecaps! It was so sweet- and they were so excited! All the kids love our kids and they just play together like they are best friends- even though they can't say one word to each other!

Today we got to go on a safari. It was SO incredible! We saw tons of amazing animals- just feet from us. We had a picnic lunch right by a lake in a valley of mountains where we watched hippos and crocodiles. It was breathtaking!

We are so thankful for all you who helped us get here and are praying for us. This is a life changing trip! Please continue the prayers! we can feel them!

I'll try to update again soon! Love you all!


  1. Oh my goodness!!! I am just beside myself... cannot wait to hear all your stories in person!!!! Sorry you got carsick :( Love you! Loving getting to see Kelly's pics so we can put the stories together with the pics. xo sweet friend!

  2. I have been away from the internet so I am just now catching up! So excited to read about your time there! I posted on your last post too!

    Praying for you guys!