Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Boys from Rwanda!

I can finally add pics to this blog!! I am going to do it in segments so you don't have to look at all 2000 pictures we took!  I'll start with the street boys since they are still constantly on our mind. We miss them!
John Paul





Yves (he liked the name Ivan so we sometimes called him that)


And just a couple of Parker b/c he just cracked us up!

Everyone agreed this shirt was made for him!

Here we all are at the street boys house- they got to give the house a name and came up with The Peace & Love House- they were so proud of it and loved showing us around

the boys with their dog!

the boys would walk us home and Patton had a secret handshake with all of them!

love this pic of Yves and Chandler
These next pics are of the New Year's Eve party we threw for them. They had a blast!! When Michael Jackson started playing they all busted in to some awesome dancing! Of course I loved it too!:)
Yves lovin some Michael tunes!

Missionary Chris Shelby

Silly String fight was a huge success!

We gave them all presents and it was just precious to see them light up! They were so excited and thankful for everything!

LOVE this!

Couldn't get any better than this!

all the decorations for the big night!
And here are some of the beginning of that night. This was one of the best things we did while we were there. The original 7 boys went back to the street and invited some of their old friends off the street to come. They got to play, take a shower, have their clothes washed and given a new set of clothes too. The 7 helped us hand wash their clothes and hang them up to dry. It was so neat to see them be able to give back- they really were honored to do it.

2 boys after their shower and new clothes

Parker helping to wash

Chandler in the washing mix

they were so proud of their new clothes!

all the clothes hanging up to dry

the 7 jumping right in!

had to dump the water out and get clean water after EACH piece of clothing- they were SO dirty

waiting their turn to shower-
More later but that is all for now! All of these posts will probably be much too long but it's hard to cut back on any!!


  1. Love it...all of it! Can't wait to hear all about it in person.

  2. Just great pictures, can't wait to see the rest of them and hear more stories, those 7 boys are already precious to me, I cannot imagine how hard it was leaving them.

  3. Don't worry about them being too long!! We (or at least I) LOVE it! I want to hear/see it all!!! My heart has been ACHING for awhile now and I know it's b/c I need to be there!! Praying our court date comes soon! I need Africa!! I just LOVE the joy that is evident in their lives. I have so much to learn!