Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Bridge!!

Today we celebrated Bridge's 2nd Birthday! He was SO precious! This has been a really hard couple of weeks for him so it was so fun to see him having a ball! Bridge's mom, Channing, (my sister) is 8 weeks pregnant today! And she has been SO sick! And not like Oh I feel a little nauseated this morning- no we are talking 2 trips to the hospital and a PERMANANT stomach pump of zophran running continuously into her stomach. (Which I get to change out every other day!) Seriously I've never seen anyone this sick for this long. She just moves a fraction of an inch, smells ANYTHING, or just breaths and it's all over. It has been SO hard on her and I just feel so bad for her. She is going through so much pain with this pump and it's not even really helping. That is what is frustrating- not feeling ANY better even after all the pain! SO needless to say (a phrase Jeff can't stand because if it's needless then why say it!) Bridge has been dealing with a lot too. And Aunt B is pretty cool until I come to take him away from his mama AGAIN AND AGAIN!:)
    So today, we all gathered at a place called Safari Park for his birthday party! Channing even came and although she got SO sick on the way home- she didn't get sick the whole time she was there! There were lots of fun things to do! Ball pits, train rides, and slides!
The Birthday Boy!!
Sweet Bridge and Channing- notice the super fun bag she gets to carry around that is attached to her giant needle in her stomach!

Campbell and Parker


Just going to LOOK at the mechanical animals- not so much ride them

Ashlee and I helped Channing get the party favors together. I made CD's of their favorite chapel songs from school and Ashlee made the CUTEST  cupcake favors EVER! She has made this cake several times and it's always so precious but Channing had the idea to put them in these mason jars so the kids could just take them home! So cute!
   Fun day celebrating Bridge! We love him SO much and we are so glad he is in our family! I can't believe it's been 2 years! I would do anything for this precious one (even buy a Barney DVD for my car cuz B's car has NOTHING good!)

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