Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rwanda Sports Camp

 Here are some pics of us doing the sports camp! All the kids loved it and it really is a great way to span the language barrier. Give the kids a ball and all is great!! I absolutely loved how my kids just jumped right in and played with them!



The boys right in the mix!

Boys would come wanting to play but didn't have shoes- they loved to sit by Casey and watch her draw
Can't join the volleyball game? Just do a headstand!
Chandler taught them gymnastics- it really ended up being "let's try whatever that girl can do"!
we started every morning with a bible story or songs- this is father Abraham-fun in any language!
Bible story- the good Samaritan--Chandler was the priest who passed up injured Patton:)

we had observers everywhere!

Handstand contest!

One of my favorites of Chandler & Tori! These girls were awesome!!

Volleyball Coach Jeff!

Only the kids who had permission from the school could come to the camp but several kids would come anyway and just watch or like these boys,  brought their banana leaf ball to play with on the sidelines. Patton would go down and play with them on breaks!

Brooke is an awesome soccer player- the boys were really impressed with her!

Caleb is too- Parker loved him and was by his side most of every day!

Beautiful surroundings!
And here is just the best thing a girl could have. We discovered a little store right by the school that had COLD cokes! He handed me a coke with ice in it and took it back thinking I wouldn't want it- I said No I want that one!! He just laughed and laughed and thought I was crazy!
More to come later! Thanks for all your sweet comments- I love sharing these with everyone. Makes me want to go back!!

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  1. Brittany, I saw some of these on FB, but loved seeing them again on your blog, because you had great explanations of what was going on.....I know this trip truly changed your family forever and you made memories that you will talk about always. Love your family!!!