Friday, January 7, 2011

Saying Goodbye....

We've had a really tough morning. It is so bittersweet to be leaving. Don't get me wrong- we are ready to come back and be surrounded by you all. We miss our friends and family so much. It really does feel like we've been gone for a month! But this morning we went to the fields one last time to say goodbye to all the kids. I knew we would be sad and probably crying but I didn't expect all the street boys to be crying. Broke our hearts. These kids have been so sweet to us all week and we love them. It is so reassuring to us that we know those 7 will be taken care of and that we can write to them. They just hung on to us and waved until we couldn't see them anymore. Jeanvier (one of our favs!) was so quiet and tears were just streaming down his face. How can we tell him that we will NEVER forget him? How can we let him know that he has been weaved into our hearts? That just doesn't translate well to a street kid that has been abandoned his whole life? But we tried. We are finished packing up and we are at the Crowson's house for a quick lunch and then off to the airport! Just a mere 27 hours until we get home!! 5 hour layover in Addis, 5 hour layover in Frankfurt and 5 kids- fun times!! Seriously the kids have all been awesome! We travel well with the Vaughns! So thankful that they have been here with us and that they are traveling with us. The rest of the group will leave tomorrow. We just thought we needed all day Sunday to recover so we can all be ready for school and work Monday! The kids are missing their friends and cousins!!  We want yall to come with us next time- we talk about that daily!!:) Thank you all for all the prayers- we feel so blessed. There have been many times that Parker is running a million miles an hour down a dirt road and Kelly will say his angels have been surrounding him this trip! Amen!
 See you all soon!!!


  1. precious. have I said that we can't wait to see you??? :) praying for your safe travels home! luvs

  2. HURRY HOME!!!!! We can't wait to hear all about your trip.