Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday in Rwanda

Wonderful refreshing day today! Got to sleep till 7 and have some fellowship time. Then headed to church- amazing experience there! They know how to worship! At one point, people were lifting up their chairs and dancing to the music! We all joked that The Hills better be ready for some chair -lifting!!:)They had an interpreter for us which was so nice. All the street kids were there and my favorite (I know you're not supposed to have favorties!) sat next to me and just smiled or held my hand the whole time. His name is Iyves (like Iyves St. Laurent) but some call him Ivan. He is almost the exact size of Patton but he is 14.  So precious. It was a 2 hour service and all the American kids did great! (and the adults too!)  Then we headed to go out to eat- yea! It was a beautiful restaurant on a hill with awesome views. And it was the first meal that I got almost full!:) I had lasagna- who knew that would be good in Rwanda but it was! Now we are all at the Crowson's for praise and worship night. All the kids are playing in the yard and we are having a great refreshing time. Hope you all had a wonderful new years! Its weird to think of it being that season still when we come back because of the heat here. Love you all! Keep posting- Kelly can read them to me or I'll check when I get back here. Have a great night!

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  1. Oh how I love to go and check your blog or fb for all the encourgement! I love seeing all the sweet love notes people are sending to you. I am thinking of you every day and praying for you all the time. I love your sweet family and can't wait to see and hear all your stories. I got a good laugh today when u talked about food and thought of all your brittanisms lol. Love ya lots!