Friday, May 4, 2012

Officially the Cheatham 6!!!

The Cheathams passed court today!!! Praise the Lord! They were bumped from a 9am court time to a 1:30 so we were all anxious the whole morning! Derek and Heather left the hotel around 12:40 and Aimee and I stayed with the kids at the hotel- (we are excellent babysitters, didn't let them have junk food or stunt in the pool or anything like that at all;))This hotel is honestly a little embarassing how nice it is, I mean like even REALLY nice. But since we had points and you have to stay in a guest house on the second trip we just enjoyed it!   So, while they were off doing court....
We were doing some of this....
and a little of this....
And a LOT of Stunting Ellison in the pool:) had some awesome video footage of that but it won't upload:( I know you are all very sad

It was a tough gig but Aimee and I were up to the challenge!
Then, tonight we went to an authentic Ethiopian restuarant- it was quite the experience!
Then it came time to eat:/   Yall know I have the taste buds of a 4 year old, so yeah, I was a little nervous! At the beginning of the buffet line we washed our hands, then sweet Abey went down the line with us and told us what everything was!:)
Here is my plate- adventurous, I know.... I was hoping I wouldn't have an "Along Came Polly" episode:) But all was well and we all managed to find something on our plate that we liked (or at least could eat!)  Jeff would have loved this place:)
Then the REAL entertainment started- I have wished for my family to be here with me many times this week- this was NOT one of those times:) they would have been so HUMILIATED!!! Abey said the dancers wanted a tip- so I went up and put a tip in the jar...BUT the dancers pulled me up on stage to dance with them!!!! So, naturally, I went!:)
haha- I know yall are dying of embarrasment right now!!!  Then Aimee got picked to come up!! If Heather had any doubts of us coming along with them, this TOTALLY made up for it because she didn't have to do it!
We were quite entertaining!
We did a little more shopping today- we may or may not have gone a tad overboard with the beads but I'm not sure...
So obviously this day was a STARK contrast to yesterday but any one of us would tell you we would have MUCH rather been back seeing Little Man again!! But only one day was allowed so we made the most of getting as much Ethiopian culture cramed into our minds as possible! We are all so sad to be leaving tomorrow but so excited to be seeing our family and friends! This place is just wonderful and I hope this is not my last time here!!!


  1. What fun everyone had today. Congratulations Cheathams! Looks like you all did some celebrating. Thanks, Brittany for the posts and pictures, I have been glued to your and Heather's blogs hoping to see new pictures and you have really come through with them. Thank you so much!

  2. It's fun reading your posts. What a blessing you could go along and document the experience for the Cheatham family. If I knew you all liked shopping so much, I would have sent a list! :)

    Debi Jenkins