Friday, May 25, 2012

Beck Gudeta

We've been home from Ethiopia for 3 weeks now. Or has it been 3 months? Or 3 days? Sometimes it feels like forever ago and sometimes it feels like yesterday! Anyway, I've never gotten around to posting the BEST pictures of the ENTIRE trip: Mr. Beck Gudeta Cheatham! He is seriously THE cutest! We couldn't have asked for a better day with him- sweet sweet day from the Lord! I absolutely know for certain, without a doubt that the Lord whispered into his heart that the Cheathams were HIS family. It was just breathtaking to watch him just KNOW them. He was super sweet to me and Aimee but he really couldn't care less if we were there or not (he'll be so thankful one day when he gazes at the one million pictures taken of him that day;) but when one of HIS parents or siblings threw him a ball, or twirled him around, or hugged him and kissed on him, he just lit up! That was such a blessing to witness!
 Seriously, the cutest!
 Then I, oh so casually, went up behind him to measure him!:) He immediately turned around and looked at me like "what in the world do you think you're about to do to me?":)
 But as soon as he turned back around I got it real quick! These things are important people:)

 Then it was time to say goodbye. We all knew it would be hard but man that was gut wrenching. I love this next picture- Heather trying to keep it together (ha!) and Derek's eyes just seem to say I can't let him go.  It was precious.

It was such an honor to be there and I'll never forget it! Hurry home Beck- we cannot wait to love on you!!!


  1. oh tears sweet friend... So glad you were there to experience it with us. Thank you for the 1 million pictures you took. The greatest gift anyone could have ever given. What a sweet day.

  2. Beautiful pictures. He's such a darling child!

  3. Thank you, Brittany, for so sweetly documenting that momentous day. Beautiful pictures of you and the Cheatham family!