Sunday, May 13, 2012


What a week it has been. I still cannot believe that I haven't even posted actual pics of "little man". That will come- hopefully tomorrow:) But today I want to share about my sweet aunt Chelsa. I have several aunts, and all are special to me. But Chelsa is my only aunt who doesn't have children of her own, and therefore has treated me (and my sisters) as if we are her own children our whole lives.  In a word, SPOILED us completely:))
She is not only one of the most generous people I know, she is one of the most creatively generous people I know.  You want cold hard cash for your birthday? Ok- she'll give it to you but it will be several bills formed into a shape of something your into that year, or put in something like this...
Our "salad bowls"   Best salad I've ever had!!
Chelsa was diagnosed with ovarian cancer about a year and a half ago. She has fought this with such grace and dignity and strength. She would go for a horrible round of chemo and show up for one of our kids events the next day. We would meet for lunch almost anytime she had an appointment in Fort Worth- or really just for any occasion! There were A LOT of lunch meetings with this crew:)

 Or just be physically exhausted from chemo, and insist on going with us to our annual black Friday shopping. (seriously anyone who says that shopping on Thanksgiving is evil has NO idea the memories I will always have and cherish of sweet Chelsa on black Friday!!) She would push our carts around- and stay with them while we ran up and down the aisles so we wouldn't have to drag a big cart through:)  Those were some of the most fun and funny times! (and yes we matched so we could find each other easier:))
 But 3 weeks ago she outdid even her generous self!!:) She very cryptically texted me, my mom, and my sisters to meet on a Thursday morning at 10:15 in the food court of North East mall.   Hmmm, lunch at 10:15? I mean, I certainly don't turn down the food at any time so ok I can do that:)  We gathered around a table and she just had the biggest smile on her face! She said- "ok- here's the deal. I have envelopes for each one of you. Inside is cash. Here are the rules: You can ONLY buy things for yourself, you can't even GO in the kids sections or look at anything except for yourselves. You have to come show me any purchases made (and leave them with her so we didn't have to carry around stuff), and try to get something you may not normally buy for yourself."  SERIOUSLY?? Who does that??

I shaded the money:) didn't want to be like counterfeiting or anything:)

It seriously was one of the best days ever! Not because of the money but because it was so much fun to see her genuinely happy that we were doing something for ourselves. She wanted to make our day, make us smile, see us laugh, make a memory, show us love. Like she does every.time.we're.with.her!
I kept looking around to see if we were on camera:)! I mean, really, have you ever heard of someone doing that for someone and it not be a reality show?? SO MUCH FUN! It has taken some of us, Ashlee and Channing (not mentioning any names) more than THREE weeks to spend theirs! Mom and I were done in about 3 days! I will honestly never forget that day!
 This week has been brutally hard for me to watch our sweet Chelsa fight the fight of her life. She is one strong lady. And this insanely horrible disease that will claim her body soon, will not claim my memories of her.  We sit by her side daily, caught between wanting so bad for her pain to be over and so not ready for her to go.  With each agonizing breath, you cannot wait for her to be at the feet of Jesus! Rejoicing and praising and FREE of all of the pain of this life. And at the exact same moment- Lord I am not ready for this to be the last time I see her, the last time I hold her hand, the last time I hug and kiss her and tell her I love her. How can we say goodbye to Chelsa? How will she ever know how much she means to us? How much we love her?
  But she will know. And she will want to say to us "I am home! I am where I belong!" Until then, we will cherish every minute with her. And thank God that we got to be hers.


  1. So beautifully written, Brittany! I still cannot believe this is happening. I treasure every single minute with her. Thanks for writing this.

  2. I know she has blessed you girls in so many ways through the years and I also know you, Ashlee, Channing and your mom have blessed her, too! We could all learn a thing or two on "being an aunt" like Chelsa is. What a treasure you all are to be sitting by her side now. Give her a hug from me, too.

  3. Such sweet words about Chelsa.... what wonderful memories you all have made with her.... What an amazing lady... Praying for your entire family. Love you sweet friend!

  4. You were truly blessed! She will forever be in our hearts! Love to all your family.

  5. The eyes of you three girls and your warm, open smiles remind me of Chet's own fun-filled, loving features. She will be missed. I pray that those who were blessed to have their lives touched by your Aunt Chelsa, pass on some part of that loving touch to others. It is easy to see that you three beautiful nieces of hers are following in her footsteps.