Sunday, April 29, 2012

We Are Blessed!

What a wonderful day we had here at the Polk house! We are delighted to announce that Chandler made the most important decision of her life today and gave her life to Christ! Jeff had the honor of baptizing her today and it was so special for all of us!
She and her BFF HalleCaroline have been talking about it for a while now, and last night they just decided to quit talking about it and just do it!

So, of course, they decide to do this at 8:00pm last night,  so we called all the family to tell them- not expecting them to show up at the last minute!! But so many came! So so sweet and just humbling and awesome to know just how many people are supporting her and this decision she has made!

There were SO many people there- didn't get half the pictures I wanted to:(   Jeff and Derek did an amazing job of first of all, leading these precious girls to this decision and 2nd, just being able to speak and do a great job in front of all those people:)

 This next picture just proves that we absolutely CANNOT have a set of pics without some cheer facials:)
We are so thankful that these girls are friends and that they both have felt convicted to give their life over to God and to surrender everything to Him. This is the most important decision in their lives and they get that even at 13! SO excited to see what He does in their lives! God is so good!
I am overwhelmed tonight by his goodness- this day started out with my daughter getting baptized and is ending with me packing for ETHIOPIA!!! I am leaving tomorrow afternoon and absolutely cannot wait!! Sweet little man is going to get to meet his whole family THIS WEEK!!! I will hopefully be updating the blog often from there!!!

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