Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Easter & GO XTREME!!!

 We had such a wonderful Easter weekend! Lots of dying eggs, egg hunts and pretty outfits but also one of service! We went to a neighborhood in Fort Worth that is poverty-ridden but full of precious kids! We helped some wonderful people at our church put on an Easter celebration with bounce houses, face painting, a ginormous 3,000 egg Easter egg hunt, and a free barbecue lunch for all! The Youngblood's have such a wonderful heart for this community and we were blessed to be a part of the day.
That night we came home to finally dye some eggs! Parker asked me why we did this and I couldn't come up with a better answer than "the pictures look cute in the scrapbook"!? ha! I really don't know why I still make them do it but they had fun. The colors this year were very weird and didn't come out at all like they usually do, but they were still pretty:)

After a wonderful church service we headed to Jeff's parents house.  They definitely have the gift of hospitality and we always have such a wonderful time there! We are so blessed to have such a great Papa and KayKay! I am so spoiled to have such wonderful in-laws:)

 It drives me crazy cracks me up when we just cannot get a "natural" smile from the boys so finally I just said ok do whatever you want.....And I'm so proud to show you what they instantly came up with..

 Yes- that's much better, thank you!
 We also got to celebrate some April birthdays!...
 Patton, Lexi, and Edie!

Couldn't decide if he wanted chocolate or vanilla icing so we did both!

 Above is Papa and KayKay and ALMOST all of their grandkids! We were missing Bret and Haleigh and they are always SO missed especially on holidays like this. All the kids absolutely adore Bret and Haleigh and we CAN'T wait till she is completely done with chemo and completely healed and can return to family days! We love and miss you!
And yes, I realize that my youngest bundle of joy is in the midst of an Easter celebration wearing NO shirt. I really can't even go there.

Chandler had her cheer banquet tonight to celebrate a wonderful year at Spirit Xtreme! We were so proud of her! I love to watch her perform and compete and she absolutely LOVES it!! Chandler and her friend, Halle Caroline are on different teams but they both made us SO proud tonight by receiving these awards: Out of 50ish girls only 4 or 5 got awards for character or leadership! Both of them are so talented out there on that floor but NOTHING made me more proud to know that their coaches and teammates see them as having an outstanding attitude and outstanding leadership!! Way to go girls!
 This wasn't the best picture of them with their awards but someone came out of that door behind them and that got them giggling and it was just too cute not to put on here!
 Chandler's teammate and one of MY cheerleaders:) Kelsey!
Her whole team: HONOR   They were the "winning-est" team of all spirit xtreme! Sweet girls! Love this cheer club and we are so blessed to go to a place where the name of JESUS is spoken often and shining for God is the overall theme! Thank you Walter and Melissa for rising up in this crazy world of competitive cheer and giving glory to God in all you do!

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