Sunday, May 8, 2011


After a wonderful mother's day celebration (no pictures for some reason://) We got to spend the evening with our wonderful missionaries from Rwanda. They were here to see some family and friends and had just been to Pepperdine and back to speak at their lectureship. It was such a blessing to spend the evening with the Shelby family. We love their whole family (and my kids have a SLIGHT affection for their kids- they are precious!!) So we got to hang out at the Byron Nelson home and it was a gorgeous evening! Peggy Nelson is a wonderful and gracious host and lets any and all missionaries stay at her home when they come back on furlough. It is such a reprieve for them and we were blessed to be able to talk to the Shelby's without being in a noisy restaurant!
Chris and Jill Shelby

We shared delicious food and got to talk to them about all the things happening in Rwanda. They had a made a video of the Peace House boys and I can't tell you what it did to me to be able to see those boys. In my lopsided little world I have had a "hard" week. People have been people, and sometimes I let what others think about me or say about me really get to me. ONE look at these precious boys and I am back to the world I fell in love with. Where "perspective" comes into focus with amazing clarity. I feel the peace of God, and I am transported back to the place where my heart grew in love and compassion. I remember thinking PLEASE let me always feel this way! But of course, life has a way of sneaking back in and the little mundane things become important again, we get "busy"  and schedules, kids, and people are frustrating, and I lose sight of this. Why is it SO easy to turn your heart right and feel one way and then SO easy to lose sight of it. Anyway, it did my heart good to hear those boys (speaking in English and doing SO good!) and to hear the Shelby's tell story after story of them. I seriously wish I could go to the airport right now and go hug them and tell them of God's love. Maybe soon.....I hope. One of my favorite stories is this...each boy at the Peace House had 2 pairs of clothes (2 shirts, one pair of shorts, one pair of jeans or pants) So a few months ago we sent them all 2 new pair of clothes. After they received the package, they were so excited and soon told Chris what they wanted to do. Since they had FOUR outfits now, it was time to give away their old clothes. They knew they had more than they needed and wanted to bless another kids life that lives on the street. How amazing is that? I mean I can't even tell you the amount of clothes I don't wear just sitting in my closet, and yes, I'll gladly give it away when I hear a need for it but I certainly don't sit there and think Well I have 4 shirts, I guess it's time to give away 2 of them. It's not about the clothes, just the heart of those boys. We sit here and think- They have nothing. And they sit there and think- We have too much. WOW- brought me to tears and made me so thankful that they are learning about God's generous love and going out and SHOWING it to others!
Patton and Fred- he is always so good to play with the kids-even when they won't quit hugging him:)

Tess- sooo adorable!

Cy and Chandler

Patton and Cy

Parker and Fred
So thankful that God had this dinner planned on THIS night. A night of renewal of the mind and a fresh perspective.

So hard to say good-bye!

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