Sunday, May 29, 2011

Awards and LDOS!!!!

Ok I've been really bad about the blog- and I tried to post this last week but it didn't work so here we go again. We've been wrapping up things around here for the school year and have had lots of awards ceremonies, field day, and graduation (kindergarten:)) Here we are at Parker's field day!!
Parker saying the opening prayer!

The Shoe Kick! Best event by far!

Tug of war- Parker helping out another team!

Parker and BFF Sie- and Parker's new "smile"--really?

And here again with daddy!
 Parker at his kindergarten graduation!! Oh it was so precious! Cannot believe my youngest is done with kindergarten!! WOW!! He is absolutely hilarious and I love being with him. He is usually stuck with me more than the others running errands and he is always (well MOST of the time:)) in a good mood! Love that boy!

Precious lifelong friend- Kaitlyn

Precious lifelong friend Kendall!

We were so blessed to have Mrs. Powell as his teacher. She was absolutely wonderful! We love her!!

Sie saying the closing prayer- it was so adorable!
Patton's class had a candle-light memory verse chapel. They all did so great- Patton's verse was I Corinthians 13:4 and 5.  Patton is so fun to be around- he is a great friend to all and very loyal. He makes me smile each day and I love his sweet hugs! Can't believe he'll be in 5th grade!!

Chandler had her 6th grade awards last week and it was great too. They all looked so old up there and I couldn't believe how much they had changed in the last 9 months. Cannot believe she will be in 7th grade! She is such a joy to us and has really matured lately and we really just have a fun time together. She thinks I'm embarrassing quite often still but that's my job right??  AND I'm just a really cool mom who forgot her camera SO I don't have any pics of her that day:( But I'll leave you with a pic of a tradition that my mom started LONG ago for me and my sisters, and that I have carried on. Every year on the last day of school (LDOS) she would hang posters on the front door with the grade number we'd be in the next year and all sorts of random things all over it saying what we would be doing in the summer. We always loved it and it was so fun to think of all the possibilities the summer would hold! Thanks mom for always coming up with the most creative memories!!


  1. Brittany: it's so incredibly hard for me to believe that they are so grown up. i have such a vivid memory of you in my early days with channing watching you pick up chandler on your hip on the way into target! you have 3 kids that are so sweet, caring, and fun...and i wish i could see them more often. Tell them hey, and just know that you are one incredible mother. Love yall very much!

  2. Such a precious post! Love your kids so much!

    I have adopted that little front door ritual... think I stole it from Ashlee's blog... so cute!