Saturday, April 23, 2011


HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATTON!!! 10 years old! Wow! That blows my mind! From the first day of your life you have been such a joy to us! You are so kind, generous, and compassionate. Here are 10 reasons I love you so much! (There are millions more but you're turning 10 so 10 is what you get!:))

1. THE WAY YOU CARE FOR OTHERS! You have the sweetest heart and it has been evident in your life from a very young age that compassion is one of your gifts! From playing with babies, holding hands or hugging an elderly person,  to loving on orphans you always have a smile and a hug!

2. YOUR AWESOMENESS AT SPORTS! You have always had a natural ability in sports and it is always such a joy for me to watch you play anything! Even when you are on a team that could possibly not have won a single game all season (;)) you give it your all and always have a great attitude. Can't wait to watch you pitch for the Rangers, be the quarterback for the Cowboys, or coach little league! You'll be great at whatever you do!

3. YOUR SPIRITUAL GIFTS! When you came to us at 5, 6, and 7 wanting to be baptized and always wanting to know Jesus more we were so thankful! We continue to love watching your relationship with Jesus grow! I believe you were given the gift of compassion and prophecy and when you use those to glorify the Lord it is awesome!

4. ALL YOUR LITTLE QUIRKS! You are always making me laugh with your habits and quirks. Like making your arms wave, your amazingly elastic skin you love to stretch, the way you make us laugh EVERY day! All your funny jokes and sayings!! (My brain bones aren't working!!)

5. THE WAY YOU LOVE ME TO SCRATCH YOUR BACK! I can always count on you to come up to me, lay in my lap, pull your shirt up and wait for a good back-scratching!

6. YOUR GENEROSITY! You are always giving away your money and things you have to make someone's day! Paying $24 of your savings to buy your Sunday school teacher a necklace, giving all your savings to our "Africa" fund, tithing, and making "goody" bags for people's birthdays! I love that!

7. YOUR SLEEP HABITS! Ok, this one is pretty selfish of me but I can always count on you to be my sleeper! From the moment we brought you home, you wanted to be in your bed and wanted a LONG night of sleep! Even now, when you stay up a little late and we can sleep in, I have to wake you up at 11:00 and ask if you want breakfast or lunch!

8. YOUR LOVE FOR MUSIC! I know sometimes I tell you that I just can't listen to a song ONE MORE TIME! But actually I am the same way! You love to hear a good beat, sing, and get the message of the songs!  I love that your favorite right now is Africa by Toto- it makes me think of our trip every time!

9. YOUR MISSION MIND! You are always coming up with great ideas on how to save or make money for missions! I am SO thankful that you "get it" at 10 years old! Look out world- Patton is going to do AMAZING things!

10. THAT YOU ARE PATTON!! We take such delight in you each and everyday that we are given the gift of being your parents. We thank the Lord for you!! MIDDLES RULE!!!:)

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