Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Today I spent most of the day like this....

For TOM's   One Day without shoes Day!
(I KNOW my feet are hideous but that's all I got:))I did wear my shoes walking into and out of the church building, in a restaurant, and in a public bathroom. I mean, I'm all about the cause but I just couldn't break down and walk into a public restroom with bare feet! I did think of the precious children around the world without shoes today because it just hurts sometimes to have nothing between your feet and the ground- not to mention the disease and bacteria. And I hope all of the people who did this raised awarness for these kids and will buy a pair of   TOM's  to help those kids out!
I also took a short trip over to Arlington to check out all the new 147 Million Orphans gear! They have a tone of new apperal and gear and I had a blast with 2 of the sweetest friends Aimee and Heather . I ordered some shirts for the family and had a great time with these two!
Today is Jeff's birthday! I just love that man so much! He is such a wonderful husband and father and we are so blessed! I texted my sisters and mom at 5:45PM to say we were headed to MacAllister's for dinner if anyone wanted to join us at 6:15 and they ALL showed up--with a cake!:) Love my family and thankful for spontaneous birthday celebrations!
 And we are SO excited for the Sanderson family! They are officially a family of 5! Precious Dinks is just about the cutest little Ethiopian princess in the world and we are SO thankful they passed court and she is officially theirs!

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  1. Awe - so sweet! I'm so glad that you went with me to Emily's! It was so fun! Thanks for being such a sweet friend!