Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Well, THAT was difficult

I just got home from doing something I never thought I'd do. I cut off all of my precious niece's hair. Since starting chemo 3 weeks ago (is that right? I'm getting dates confused!) her hair was slowly starting to fall out. In the last couple of days it was getting more and more obvious that it was time to do something. Let me tell you- THAT is one strong 19 year old. I don't know how I would've handled it but she was amazing. Choosing to cut it all off before it falls out was, I'm sure, very difficult but all that we've read says it is much less traumatic that way. You are somewhat in control and it is over very quickly. We shared some laughs, and some tears but she is strong. We talked about what beauty is and how this is a hard lesson, but SO important to know your beauty is from the inside. God does not look at our skin, our body, our hair to see our heart. Haleigh is a beautiful girl on the outside but I wonder if maybe she will be able to see now how beautiful she is, and always has been, on the inside. Does she know how much she is loved from all her friends and family NOT for her stunning looks, but for her character, her love, her compassion, her heart? I pray she does. It is a hard lesson to learn in a hard way. But I pray that she can learn what true beauty is. The thing is, she is still beautiful on the outside. One thing you just never know is if your head is a normal shape under all that hair. Well, thankfully, she's got a very round symmetrical head!:) Seriously, she looked really cute with a short little pixie cut! Well anyway, I know that she has to be going through a lot of emotions right now because I am and I just did the cutting! So please continue to pray for her. Love you Haleigh Morgan!! (and BTW I'm pretty awesome at cutting hair!- who knew?)
                                            Karen, Haleigh, Fran, Laura, Me
(This was last week going to pick out a wig for Haleigh- she found several super cute ones she loved!)

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