Friday, November 12, 2010

Kindergarten Car Show!

Today was the Kindergarten Car Show at Parker's school. It was SO precious! All the kids got to make any kind of car they wanted and they were all so unique and cute! Parker wanted a Texas Rangers slug-bug, so that's what we did! It was hilarious talking to the other parents about how little of this project the kids actually did! But it was fun and something I'll always remember about his first year of school! Here are some of his friends and their walk through the high school, where they got to see their senior buddies! So sweet!
 Sweet friend Kendall in the Ice Cream Truck- she had her teacher's picture and all her classmates pics on it! So cute! And her equally cute twin sister's car was a school bus with the teacher and friends on it but I didn't get a picture of hers:(
 Best Friend Sie in a monster truck-awesome!
 Sie's mom, one of my BFF and another kindergarten teacher-Sharon in her school bus!
 Going through the high school- all the teachers, staff, and students lined the halls and cheered for them!
Walking to the Middle School- started to rain a bit so BoomerSooner girl was lucky in her covered wagon! That's all for now! I'm headed to Tyler this afternoon for a football playoff game with my cheerleaders- post and pics of their wonderful pep rally soon! We've had so many incredible things happen for our Rwanda trip that I'll share soon too! Amazing things!! God is so good!We are so close to our goal- if the IPad tickets can continue to sell, I think we'll be there! Please buy your tickets today!

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