Tuesday, November 9, 2010

IPad Raffle!!

We're giving away a 32GB Wi-Fi + 3G IPad!! With a $10 donation to help our family get to Rwanda, you will be entered in the drawing for this amazing IPad! Just $10- and you are helping us go serve in Kigali, Rwanda AND you have a great chance of winning an IPad! It's a win/win situation here people!! Have you been admiring the Ipad from afar, or thought about getting one for your loved one for Christmas but just didn't want to lay down the $800?? How about helping out a family and just maybe getting an IPad for what it costs to drive thru Chick-fil-a one day? Just think- you could follow us on our journey when we are there WHILST in your car because you have a 3G IPad! You could get a facebook update from us from across the world while you are in the pick-up line at school because YOU have a 3G IPad!
  Just $10 and this could be your reality! If you want to double your chances- send us $20! We'll throw in this special deal for you too- buy 5 tickets for just $45!! Those are some good odds people! We will sell a limited number of tickets for the next 2 weeks- you can just give us the money or mail it to us (message me for address) and we will then contact you with your ticket number. We will record the drawing process and announce the winner in a post on November 23. (You could have an IPad to look up all the "Day after Thanksgiving Sales"!!) Please buy your raffle ticket today!!

1 comment:

  1. I love this fundraiser idea and I REALLY LOVE that you used the word "whilst" in your post! I will be emailing you for my 5 tickets. So excited to get to play a very small role in helping all of you get to Rwanda to love on those precious kids.