Wednesday, February 20, 2013

FWC Rodeo and a little cheer:)

The Rodeo day at the kids school is my FAVORITE thing they do- it's just so precious! The PE teachers run it and they do such a great job! Parker had a GREAT time and won (again) the bull-dogging contest- highlight of the year for him!
This is the "pork-and-beans" relay- they have to take the pig and bean bags raised over their heads down, around the cone, and back:)

 This is the wagon-wheel. Sie and Parker were hilarious doing this- SOOO hard for them not to run:)

 And this is the bull-dogging   Basically everyone has on flags and you run around pulling them off until 5 or 6 are left- then you all get inside the middle circle and go again:)

 Then the square-dancing began:) SO precious! Parker got paired with Kendall so it was a GOOD day!:) I was sitting next to my mom in the audience and she reminded me that when she was second grade, they did square dancing and she had to be in charge of the record player because she wasn't allowed to dance!!:) poor mom- you really missed out!

 Seriously, they are so cute! By the way, Parker DID wear cowboy boots to school but if you are a serious competitor, you wear your tennis shoes during the rodeo for better traction:)
 Sie and Parker (they are like 20 days apart and Parker is older-ha!)

 Grami and Bridge came to cheer him on!
 We try to get a picture of these 4 at every event since they've been friends since they were born!

And Chandler has had quite a few cheer competitions over the last few months- this last one was in Fort Worth and they WON FIRST PLACE!! They were so excited! She has worked really hard this year and it is all paying off! She has NCA Nationals in about 2 weeks so they are diligently working to win again there!!

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