Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter and Camping

We had a wonderful weekend! Got to spend time with Jeff's family for Easter then the 5 of us went camping! Now, I have said many times that I would only go camping for God but in a weak moment I said I would go on a family camping trip- it was actually a lot of fun and the kids loved it so I was happy! plus those hammock tents really are amazingly comfortable and Jeff grilled steaks so I was happy happy happy:) First the typical Easter pics.....

 All of the cousins except for Haleigh, Bret, and AJ!

Then we drove from there (still in our Easter get-ups:)) to Daingerfield State Park in east Texas. It was beautiful out there and gorgeous weather!

 Our camp site- tent for the kids, hammock tents for me and Jeff and a screened in tent to eat and play cards at night (Chandler has gotten so good at Nertz that she beats me quite often- it's really annoying!:)

 I'm not sure why our parenting just goes right out the window when we camp- for example, here is Patton trying to start our fire:)
 Parker whittling

 They decided they may need to jump in the lake- crazy!! Said it wasn't too cold and had a blast- they made Parker jump in first to make sure:))

 GREAT family weekend and such a nice little break from school!

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