Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

Ok so I'm a little behind but had to share some pics of our new year. We had pretty much the same crowd as always and I am always thankful these friends choose our house to spend ringing in the new year! We were all big kids this year and actually celebrated at 12:00 instead of going for the New York time:) Sweet Beck was there (only for about an hour:( but we had fun with him!) He ran up the stairs to go find a car he had played with the last time he was here- such a smart little boy! Man do we love him!
 I throw all the hats and decorations in a bucket and use the same things every year- the kids rummage through it and pick out what they want to wear and what noise maker they want to drive us crazy with:)
 Chandler and Sharon making sure the meal is ready for the guests

 Ryan brought some fireworks and since I'm not a huge fan, I stayed inside for this activity but the kids LOVED it! And everyone assured me they were the "safe" kind!

We had really fun night and were so thankful to be surrounded by friends that we love and who love us! Happy 2013!

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