Friday, March 18, 2011

SPRING BREAK 2011!!! (part one)

We have had an awesome spring break just staying around here. If there was an activity to be done, we did it. We stayed up late and got to sleep late most mornings but then hit the ground running doing some sort of fun thing every day. (We even cleaned out the kids closets and managed to have fun doing that!) Here are some of the highlights and pictures!

FRIDAY: Chandler got out of school early and we went to Chili's for lunch with Bridge!
 That night the family (+ Allison) headed to the movies! We saw Mars Needs Moms- it was pretty cute! With about 10 minutes left of our movie the fire alarm goes off (and of course we're on the top row) so we head towards the emergency exits (don't worry, I grabbed the popcorn:)) and stay outside for about 20 min.  It was just a false alarm and we got to finish the movie and then they gave us FREE tickets for another movie! Score!

SATURDAY: A little shopping and then dinner with fabulous friends at Central Market. Don't really like the food but its outdoors and they have a playground for the kids so we get to sit around and talk for hours!:) 
 Parker has a shirt that says " PAIN. NEVER HEARD OF IT" which describes him perfectly! Anyway, it seems like everytime he wears it, he ends up getting hurt. Such was the case Saturday night- of course he finds the broken umbrella stand behind a tree and falls right on it. He was laughing the whole time and really just wanted a band aid so he could get back to playing!

SUNDAY: We got to go to our friend, Lola's wedding. We had never been to a wedding like this so didn't really know what to expect. But we had a great time!! 
Lola looked beautiful!!!

Lola's new husband singing a song to her!
Chandler looked gorgeous! (and way too old:))

Anna, Lola's sister and our friend

Mariachi band- it was awesome- the kids really liked this part!

Parker "conducting" the band!

MONDAY: We met the Stites for lunch at Chick-fil-a (I know- it's shocking!) and visted Grami at her work at JordanTaylor (interior design store) Then we met the dads at Brusnwick Bowling ally but it was league night (hahaha) so we had to think of something else creative! We went to Let's jump and had the whole place pretty much to ourselves for about 2 hours! Topped it off with a meal at Prairie House and it was a fun night!

TUESDAY:  I took the boys to the batting cages- they love that! And Chandler got to spend the day with Cyndi and Sarah Feasal! They picked her up and took her to Sam Moon and out to lunch at Chili's and dessert at Braums! She had a BLAST!! I am so thankful for these women, who are such a great example to her, for taking time out to make her feel special and love on her- she wants to make it a tradition!

WEDNESDAY: (LAST DAY FOR THIS POST- I'M REALIZING AS I TYPE JUST HOW MUCH WE DID!)  Chandler had planned for some friends to come over and have a "stunt" day. (I was very nervous about this!)I texted a few of my cheerleaders to see if anyone wanted to come over and help them and Paige and Bayley came!! It was SO sweet of them to take time out of their spring break to come over and again I am SO thankful for the influence these girls have on Chandler- they are beautiful inside and out! 
Chandler, Meredith, Bailey, Bayley, Avery, Paige, Halle Caroline, Ellison, Allison

I love Allison's face here!

Poor Ellison- always the guinea pig, she'll try anything and she's amazing!
Tatum, Paige, Bayley, Meredith

That's some serious skill right there!

 Patton managed to sneak away for this day and head over to Jeb's house but Parker wasn't so lucky:)
  Patton had a BALL at Jeb's- doing all sorts of boyish things- like exploring the drainage system in their neighborhood (thank you Mr. Miller!:))  

Stay tuned for part 2 of spring break! Lots more to share (and more to do tonight and this weekend!)

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  1. whew! I'm tired just reading this! So glad the kids have had a special week.