Sunday, March 6, 2011

Another IPAD giveaway!!!

Only this time it's not from us! AND this time it's for an IPAD2! My sweet sister-in-law,Angie and her husband are adopting a precious little one from Ethiopia! And y'all it just takes A LOT of $$$! SO to off-set some of those costs they are having a raffle for the new IPAD2!!! (Which is totally amazing BTW- have you seen all the cool new things it can do- I'm a complete sucker for all gadgets and I really want one!!:)) Please help them out! It's just like I said for our raffle- it's only $10 and if you win- AWESOME, and if you don't, you just helped someone bring a baby home!!! WIN/WIN.
McCuiston Family!!
  Here are some more ways to help bring some precious kids home and YOU get something out of it!!2 of my favorite families (Mccuiston's- mentioned above and Cheatham's) are adopting right now and BOTH are using Ordinary Hero to help fund raise to bring their little ones home! This is the non-profit that I LOVE and that Chandler entered the shirt design contest with!  I have 4, yes 4, of Ordinary Hero's shirts and I LOVE them! They are so soft and comfy and SO cute and mine have Africa on them so I love wearing them because they remind me all day of the place I love! SO go on over there and order some things for yourself or loved one and you will be helping them bring their kids home! WIN/WIN.
HalleCaroline Cheatham & Chandler at recent competition- LOVE this girl and so thankful she is one of Chandler's BFF's!
 ALSO,  Jason McCuiston (one of my favorite brothers-in-law- seriously, I'm giving them 3 shout-outs in one post!:)) is a lawyer. He is willing to help you put your estate in order at a REALLY great price!!  So many people put off making a will etc. (like us!) but he helped us and I promise it was totally painless!! And easy!! It is SO important to get all that done and you'll feel so much better by taking care of your family in that way AND you will be helping them bring their baby home!! And once again WIN/WIN. So hop on over HERE and get it done today!
 We are so blessed to be praying for 2 families (friends from church) and one friend from college that are leaving for Rwanda in just a couple of days!!! They are 2 totally separate trips just happen to be going at the same time. ALL of them are taking trunks full of stuff to the Peace House boys and missionaries from us! Thank you SO much!! We cannot tell you how exciting that is for us, that in a few short hours those boys will be reminded of how much we love them and miss them!!  One of the friends said "we have plenty of room, we can take anything!" and Chandler said "take ME!!" Amen sister!
  We are still praying about going back this summer- lots of talking about, planning, and meetings this weekend!!! Please Lord- let us go!!:) There are SO many things (the fund raisers above, trips to Rwanda, trips to Benin;)) that are just there for the taking if it were not for that annoying little detail called money!! So we are just waiting to hear our calling and if it's GO- we will GO!!!!

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  1. Whoa girl! That is a lot of information and shout outs and LOVE in that post! Thank you for mentioning us!

    So sorry - you aren't gonna win that McCuiston ipad, cuz I am! oh - I gotta hop over and buy some tickets!

    Love Chandler and Halle Caroline! <3

    Can't wait to hear what transpires for future Africa trips! xo