Tuesday, March 22, 2011


OK- here is the rest of the week!!

THURSDAY:  Chandler got to spend the night with KayKay and had so much fun with her!! The boys and I met up with the Stites again! We finally found a time when the "league-ers" were not bowling to head to Brunswick Bowling Alley! But when we got there they told us we could only play an hour because the day care kids were about to be there- seriously? Can we not just bowl people!?! Anyway, we ended up staying 2 hours and having a BALL!ha I think Campbell is one of the funniest people I know (and the most competitive:))
 Campbell doing his little dance after getting a spare- couldn't quite get the phone camera to focus:)It was St. Patrick's Day and even though he didn't know it before he got there- he DID have on his GREEN wristband! Always the one for accessories!

The boys all showed up in under Armour shirts! they thought that was pretty cool!  Then we headed to the Fort Worth Nature Center with the Owen family. We had so much fun going on a little 3 mile hike! The kids did great and it was just fun to be outside on a beautiful day! 

Trine didn't get the St. Patrick's day memo!

 What a fun day- surely that day has come to an end you say? No way- we're just getting started! The men of that group decided that we needed to go camping. Now since one of those men happens to be my wonderful husband he knew this girl was NOT about to go camping off in the woods. (after a camping trip in '98 when I was a million months pregnant in August and had a fever blister, I decided that since I was an adult I was allowed to put my foot down, hang up my sleeping bag, and vow never to camp again)So he came up with the idea of camping in our back yard! Ok- I thought, I can handle that. I'll do all the fun stuff, then head back in to the ole house whenever I felt like it:) so we started with setting up the tents--

 Then grilling out hot dogs, running around, sitting by the campfire, and making smores!

 At some point Patton ran inside to get in to "authentic" camping/cowboy gear! He is so precious! Parker had his guitar out playing praise songs for us and Patton got a turn on it too!
 After looking in the tent and setting up the air mattresses I figured I might as well just sleep in the tent. So I did!! For about an hour:) The wind was so loud it kept waking me up! So about 1 AM I went in to my comfy cozy bed, watched a little House Hunters and fell asleep! Didn't feel one iota of guilt neither!:)When we got up we made biscuits, bacon, and eggs all outside on the camp stove. (and by "we" I mean Jeff and Trine:)I kept calling things "campy" which apparently didn't make me the most "campish" person:))
But a fun time was had by all!!
 That night we got to go over to the Cheatham's house! We had SO much fun! They had heated their pool a little so the kids had a blast swimming! Chandler told me on the way there that she was so excited! I asked her what she was most excited about- she said that since it was the Cheatham's she knew we'd talk Africa the whole time and get to stay A LONG time because of that! Well, she was right!!
 On Friday we went to the skating rink! High class style is what the theme of this week was:) 
 I gotta be honest about 2 things here: #1 this was Parker's first time to EVER go roller skating! What kind of mother am I? He's been ice skating a couple of times but anyway, first time in roller skates.  #2 In the first 5 minutes of this escapade I thought we were doomed for a horrible experience. The little guy just couldn't get it. It was painful to watch. BUT after switching to "blades" and with a little brotherly help he was totally doing it! He couldn't wait to show Jeff the videos of himself when we got home because he was so proud of how far he had come! It was precious!
 A wonderful date night with the hubby and an awesome day at the Polk's house finished out the week! We are truly blessed by so many friends and family! Thank you Lord! Even though I LOVE cold weather, I gotta say spring break got me pretty excited about summer!!!

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