Sunday, December 12, 2010

oh the drama!!!!!

Who knew that something the size of probably half a millimeter could stir up SO much drama! BUT the dreaded travel vaccines did just that! My kids don't normally ENJOY getting shots but we've never had complete meltdowns....until this day.
Here we were just laughing and having a good 'ol time (probably because they got to miss an hour of school!) Just watching mom and dad fill out the paper work
Sitting in mom's lap just waiting our turn...
Maybe it was because I said we were only getting ONE and we actually got TWO that really did them in. But you would have thought I promised a million dollars and gave them a pile of dirt instead! Jeff and I went first to show them how easy and painless it would be----BAD IDEA!! I think letting them see the needles going into our arms was not that comforting! Anyway, as each one took their turn the protests were getting more dramatic! And of course I took pictures of  hugged and comforted them the whole time!:)
Anyway, it's over and that means we are one step closer to boarding that plane!! We leave in TWO weeks from today!!! FOURTEEN days!!!! Starting the packing process tomorrow and I can't wait!!! Have a blessed week!!

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  1. oh my goodness!!! I can't believe it's almost here!!!! So excited for y'all!!!!