Wednesday, December 1, 2010

AND THE WINNER IS...............

We are SOOO excited for precious Garen to win the IPad! She is the sweetest!! AND- the coolest part is that she just traveled to Africa last spring and fell in love with it! She had her heart broken for those precious kids over there- just like we know we will! She is already planning a return trip in March! Now she will have a IPad to take on the plane!!  

       We are so thankful for all of those who entered- what a HUGE blessing you ALL are to us! We had such a fun time doing this- especially the drawing!! Chandler was so nervous- I was too! I don't know why we were nervous- maybe just excited to be able to tell someone that they had won!! She was hilarious- acting like Ryan Seacrest and having Patton dim the lights!!
  Patton asked yesterday "how much longer??" and when I looked on the calendar I saw it was 4 weeks away!!! 27 days people!! We are so excited and counting down the days! We get our yellow fever vaccine on Thursday- that will be fun!:) I'm sure I'll have my camera to document it all!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving week! Great times with family, going to the movies, relaxing, getting Christmas decorations out and going to a few ball games- including the mighty Wildcats and the dominating Cardinals!! AND we will be going to ONE MORE football game this Saturday because our Cardinals are going to STATE!! I'm so proud to be a Cardinal! I'm not gonna come right out and say it's because I am the cheerleading coach or anything but it IS kinda crazy that the year I came on board we're headed to state!:) Just sayin... So proud of my cheerleaders!! They are awesome and such a blessing to me!
    Here are a few random pics of the week:

Chandler LOVES mashed potatoes so when I had this many "extra" I just sat the entire bowl in front of her- all to herself! She was a happy camper!
Patton was pumped about the food as well!! This is just the kids table- it is crazy fun at the Polk Thanksgiving!!

This is Parker with his Senior Buddies- pretty cool that he got matched with 2 of the star players!
Parker and me at my Alma Mater!! Go wildcats!

Chandler was not too impressed when I started to do the fight song routine with the cheerleaders!!:) I am so good at embarrassing her!!

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