Monday, December 20, 2010

Chrismas Card Memory Lane

 We leave in 6 days!!! Wow!! SOO much to do before then:)) I am so thankful that I am a night owl- packing for 13 days for 5 people really gets a little confusing:) But it is all coming along and I think I'll be mostly done by tomorrow night!! So since I am not done packing AND I am not done shopping for Christmas presents, I think I'll take a little trip down Christmas card lane! That sounds like a brilliant use of time right now! I saw the cutest post here the other day and it inspired me to do the same! My grandmother, Nana, gave me a Christmas memories book when I first got married and I have put our Christmas card in it each year. So it was pretty easy to scan them in and take a look at how much our lives have changed since the first card in 1997!! For your viewing pleasure..........
I know, I many things we could comment on. Jeff's hair looks so....I don't know, large?? And the denim- ah the denim. Oh and can't forget the "Let's get a puppy since we are going to wait 4 or 5 years* to have kids" puppy (*see next picture). Sweet Cowboy, you were fun for a little while. We were living in Abilene- Jeff working HR at the hospital and me finishing up my senior year of college!

And here we are 12 months later with a 3 month old!!! So much fun! That was such a special Christmas with a newborn! Yes, I know my hair is so short, and yes I have a 3/4 length velour shirt on, and yes we chose this picture even though Chandler's eyes came out red. Don't ask me why! But 1998 was a sweet year!

1999- pretty much the exact same pose as the previous year!:) This was out at my parents' lake house. Such fun memories there- I miss it! Chandler was at such a cute age for Christmas!!

2000 Angel baby!! I loved this coat on her! She looks precious! I can still see her at this age so clearly!!

2001- Introducing Patton!! Oh my sweetness! I could just eat them up!! We took no less than 1,000,000 pictures of them together trying to find just ONE. But it was not meant to be. So plan B was to take separate shots and that was much less stressful! This was in our front yard of the wonderful little house we lived in for a couple of years. It was built in 1929 and had such charm! It also had one bathroom and 2 rooms so we grew out of it pretty quickly but have such fun memories there!

2002- This picture was taken in front of an On the Boarder restaurant! We were just waiting for our table after church one day and snapped a couple of pics! So precious!

2003- this was taken on the front porch of our new house that Jeff built us! So sweet and bright!! LOVE Chandler's bow!

2004- And here is Parker!! Don't ya just want to snuggle up to him!! And Chandler and Patton were the best big sister and brother!:)

2005- Oh look! I made the picture! Jeff's parents had us all come over to their house for a big family pic so we seized the opportunity to take a family pic while we were all coordinating!!:) I like it SO much better when the card is just of our kids! I LOVE Parker's sweet chubby legs!

2006- Pajama card! I though these turned out so cute. We took one of all 6 cousins in matching pjs too that my mom sent out as her card that year!

 2007- Why are these sideways??? I can't figure out all this blog stuff! Anyway- this is my favorite card of all! My sister got married this year in Puerto Rico so we took some family pics on the beach! I love the one of the kids looking up at me and Jeff- we have that pic up in our house. Such a wonderful time!! Probably my favorite vacation ever!

2008- Cannot find our card?? Did I not send one out that year? Seriously it's only been 2 years and I thought I had done a card every year?? But it's not in the book so I guess it didn't happen. If I find it I'll add it later...

2009- again with the sideways, someone please help me! After the 2007 card I had some pretty big card-shoes to fill. So how did I step up to the challenge? I went Walmart style and did individual pictures that I already had. I don't know what happened, just ran out of time I guess.

2010!! This year's card!! My kids look way too old! But I love this picture! So sweet!

Ok- well that's the Christmas card memory lane! Hope you enjoyed the LONG post! Now I'm off to pack and wrap!! Have a great night!


  1. Hi Brittany! Ok, this was the BEST Christmas gift to us from the Polks! We LOVED Christmas Card Memory Lane!! (Well, I loved it and once everyone is awake they'll love it too!) :) Great idea! Jeff's "huge hair" in pic #1 is classic...I have some very similar ones with not only big hair but really thick eye brows too...of us, not Jeff... anywho, funny! I got a cute one from you last year, I think, with the kids on a railroad track. I just may have to go dig all my past ones up of our family. Thanks! I love it! Blessings for a wonderful trip!! Love, Amy Boyd

  2. OH MY WORD!!! Derek and I are dying laughing at #1!!!!! Hysterical! Loved memory lane.