Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This ain't her first's her 2nd:)

Ok I just have to post a million pics of sweet Rhett's 2nd birthday. Channing outdid herself on the decorations/theme. I told her I was going to pin all these pics and say that they were all my doing:)) But seriously I can't believe that sweet little girl is already 2!! There was a period of her life (like a REALLY long time) where she pretty much didn't like anyone but Channing, and maybe Grami. But she and I have come a long way and she loves her Aunt B now:)) And we absolutely adore her!!

 The party was at Grami's house which was a perfect backdrop! We love her old barn:)

 Hay bales and Rhett's trail mix were a few of the goodies:)

 She loved the pony rides! (ALL the kids loved it!)

 The petting zoo was a hit with all the kids too!

 Sweet Bridge "helping" her open her presents:)

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