Friday, September 27, 2013

Disney Pep Rally

I forgot my big camera:( but the girls did a great job today at the Disney pep rally and I got a few pics on my phone...
 We had lots of disney-themed signs around the gym.  And you have to have the perfect princess hair for a princess pep rally:))

 We had the girls from little cheer camp perform today and they were so precious!!
 The crew did a "princess pageant" skit with some of the football boys and it was hysterical!
 The little Mermaid- he had a dinglehopper (fork) in his hand:))
 Sleeping Beauty kept falling down asleep throughout the whole skit:)
 Ariel won!

 Sweet Grami came to cheer Chandler on!
 Everyone got to dress up during school- so fun! (didn't get a pic of Chandler being Belle or Patton with his white tshirt that says Disney in black sharpie:(
 "Mulan" asked Allie to homecoming:)

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