Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Olympics Flashback

Ok- I know I'm in the middle of posting so much Rwandan goodness, BUT I have to take a quick minute to flashback to one of my favorite summer trips. The 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia. My mom and I spent 4 or 5 days in the Olympic village- just soaking up everything and getting into as many gymnastics events as we could! They had all these stations set up for you to "experience" all the sports- so naturally I got in on the action!
 I wore those high-waisted denim shorts, braided belt, and Harold's Old School flag shirt like a champ! Totally rocked that look!
  Just how wide is that beam?? 4 little bitty inches people- that's right, FOUR inches!!

We brought our giant American flag to each event and our whole row would hold it and chant USA as loud as we could! At one point we were sitting on the same row, about 12 seats down from O.J. Simpson. This was at the height of the murder case and everyone was trying to avoid him:) But I just went right up to him and took his picture:)- turned out blurry though:( Anyway, back to the real excitement!
We were so pumped to have tickets to the team finals! When we walked in to the arena, I looked over at my mom and said I don't care where our seats are as long as they're not in front of the vault.  That was always my least favorite event and I just thought the others would be so much more fun to see up close! But, of course, we get in there and although the seats were great, they were right in front of the vault. Bummer. But oh well, we're at the Olympics!!
 As the evening progressed we were all starting to realize- hey we've got a great chance of winning this!! USA, USA, USA louder and louder! Then it came down to the VAULT!!!! Oh my goodness I'm SO glad our seats are in front of the VAULT!!:))
 It was funny to later watch the video of the night and see the announcers were saying what we in the stands were saying! "We could really win the gold!!, ok wait a minute- Kerri is starting to limp, I think she's really hurt, she's GOT to do this vault!!! etc"
 Well the next 3 or 4 minutes were SO intense!! Here she goes......(see her flying little body in the air above the vault??)

 She is really hurting!!..
(the judges flash the score!) G-O-L-D!!!!!!! Kerri did it!!!! USA wins the GOLD!!!!
One of the coolest events I have ever been to! Thank you for taking me mom!!

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