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Rwanda- days in Kigali:)

Ok, I've kinda forgotten what day I'm on in these pictures:) I just know that they were taken between the time the rest of the group got there and the time we went to Kumbya (the missionary retreat). SO as usual there are a TON of pics because that's what I love!:)  A lot of people ask us why we love Africa- and the simple answer is...the people! We have just fallen in love with so many precious kids over there, we've made great friends with people who work at Africa Transformation Network, and we truly love and are so blessed by our missionaries there! We were so thankful to have meet Jessie and Julie on this trip! Chandler loved her some Jessie (we all did!) and she was so much fun to be around! They are both RIGHT where they need to be- and are so good at what they do! It was inspirational to be around them!
 This is our good friend, Fils! He helps run the peace house so I have tons of love and respect for him and love that he takes such great care of the boys! And I just HAD to get a pic of him and Chandler since he has a cheer shirt on!!
 This is Alex- we just love him! He is always so kind  and genuine- such a great man of God!
 And here is Charles- love him!! He is so good at what he does and you can just tell he really cares about people!

This is Africa Bagel Company. We had gone there last time so we were all just excited about the chips and home made salsa- BUT we also got to meet the new owners and got to be close to them at Kumbya! (don't have a pic of them at the restaurant though:() This place is amazing- a wonderful little retreat that makes you feel at home! We were so thankful to be able to sit outside and just enjoy one another- we KNEW wouldn't even be thinking about eating outside in Texas:)

 Did I mention they had cokes?? COLD cokes!! That is rare people- and oh so refreshing!

 Jude and Lilly Amos- SO precious!!

 Kadi and Chandler!
 Patton and Randal!

 The sweet ladies who prepared our meal came out to sing for us- it was so special!
 Jessie prayed over them

 Sweet Tori Vaughn had been in my care for 5 days and had failed to tell me that her new shoes (her ONLY shoes) had given her tons of blisters!!:/ SO when her mom got there and told her (I felt TERRIBLE!!) we decided we needed to go to the market and get her some new ones...
 Most of the people there wanted us to take their picture and were so sweet and funny (there were also ones that did NOT want me to take their pic:))

 The shoe selection- no size order so that was pretty fun taking down every shoe that even had a chance of working:)
 Flour for sale at the market!

 Now, as I've said before, I DO NOT like motorcycles and would not ride one here...BUT when you're in Africa you might as well get all the experiences you can right?? So we took the motos back to the guest house!  Another motto I have is "If Suzy Jeffrey is doing something, it's probably ok!"

 I kept thinking, if I die- my mom's going to kill me!:)
 I was literally turned around trying to take pictures with my big 'ol camera so these are a little blurry!

 Safely back at the guest house!
 We would meet at night to sing and pray and plan for the missionary retreat- lots of good conversations on that porch!

 For some strange reason I like to take pictures of the unusual toilets we encounter on these trips! I thought this was a good one:) "Our aim is to keep this place clean   Your aim would help!!!"
 We got to go back to Ivuka Arts Studio and see the amazing work they do there!

 They have recently opened another store connected to the art studio that sells jewelry and pottery!
 Just walking from the guest house to the Crowson's house to the Peace house- this picture makes me miss it so much!!

Here is how they carried Patty from time to time:) She said once "It's great being the queeen!!!" To which (under his breath) Wade said "it's not so great being the king"!!! haha
 These precious kids were just playing in the street on our way home from the peace house one night- so sweet and they all wanted their picture taken and just to be held or played with!

 Seriously- could this be any cuter of 2 of my boys!!?!!
 Playing soccer at the peace house- Randal and I notice these sweet little faces looking in under the fence! We played with them on the way home!

 All of our kids with the peace house kids!!

 More of the kids playing in the street- they were all just beautiful!
 Parker and Jeanvier

 LOVE this picture of Savannah and this sweet little one!
 Sweet Yves carrying Parker!
 Oh how I LOVE these boys!

 They all loved Jeff! Here he is telling them goodbye...
 Doesn't realize they are all still following him:)

This little one kept following us! She was so precious but SO little!! I carried her and loved on her but finally had to tell one of the peace house boys to tell her to go back home- I was scared she was going to get lost!

 Just had to take this pic because it is my favorite Kinyarwanda word!:) I love how Christine Crowson says it! (it means like a  neighborhood) Can yall say that with me? UMUDUGUDO!!
 Yves and Chandler! And Jeanvier playing a game on my ipad:)
 At one point I turn to see Patton on top of the guest house roof! Seriously buddy- we do NOT need another broken leg in the group!

 Weavers, Jeffreys and Vaughns making dinner for all of us and peace house boys! PB&J Rwanda style!
 The boys performing for us!
 Patty and the Peace House boys- sounds like an awesome band!
 Saying goodbye to Jeanvier- I HATE saying goodbye to them!!!
 Jado (and Trine)  asked if he could pray for Sie (who wasn't feeling well) SO sweet!
 Jeff and Peter! He is going to be a leader in Rwanda!
 Getting taxis for all 28 of us! Going to do a little shopping!
 At the widows market- this is like a Rwandan Vera Bradley- we were all loving it!!
 And of course I found the bargain basket!!:)

 The girls eating at Heaven- we had lots of fun posting about our whole team being in heaven:)

 The big day was here- driving 28 people, with all of our luggage, camping gear, and Patty's kids program supplies- it's going to take a BIG bus!! (we actually got 2!:)
 Trine and his awesome organization skilz!
Ok seriously I know that was a LOT of pics!! And I haven't even gotten to the Kumbya pics- help me!! It will be nice to have all these documented one day! And since apparently I am never going to have time to scrapbook again, this will have to do!

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