Monday, January 30, 2012

We love our cardinals!

We had our LAST pep rally of the year last week! It was so much fun! It was an "I heart Cardinals" theme to go along with Valentines Day and it turned out so cute!
 These 7 middle school girls got to be in the pep rally because we had the Competition squad perform! They did GREAT!! It was so fun to see it all come together! We have another competition this weekend and I hope they perform as well as they did at the pep rally- it was awesome!

 Katy had taken her senior sign home so I asked her to bring it up because we were going to hang up all the senior cheerleader signs....but she forgot:( SO my wonderful talented friend Lori made her a sign:)

 We played "love letters to Kelly" and had a faculty member give advice to people on where to go on dates (FWC basketball and soccer games of course!) how to show your wife you love her when you are a coach and up here at school all the time (give her roses in front of the whole school of course!) and a creative way to ask a girl to the prom (in front of the whole student body and with flowers and a sign of course!) The kids all thought it was really sweet and funny!

 The seniors giving a pep talk to the girls! I cannot even imagine cheer without them:(

And, of course, Patton wanted in on that pic! It's nice to be done with pep rallies for a while but I really do love them! We've already started setting dates for try outs and camps for next year:/ Crazy!

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