Thursday, January 26, 2012

Adventures with Paul!

We have loved having sweet Paul live with us! He is really funny and this weekend, especially, he has really opened up and laughed A LOT! Wednesday and Thursday he seemed really down. He was tired, we'd gotten an email from one of his teachers about his struggles in her class, and I think he was homesick. But for whatever reason on Friday he was all smiles and we really did have a great weekend with him! We took him to the middle school D group on Sunday night where the Woodwards had heated their pool! He LOVED it!

 He had never made smore's before so he was really excited!

 It hasn't all been easy- he gets frustrated when the boys wrestle and just doesn't really understand that:) He is constantly telling them to "stop fighting"! Which they do argue but that doesn't bother him as much as the physical wrestling: )  Which is funny because he was the champion of noodle fights in the pool:) anyway- In school the other day he was asked to tell something about his host family. He said 1)They are LOUD- times 2!! and 2) the boys fight a lot.   Nice.  I'm sure we'll get hosts of the year! So we are still adjusting to having him here but overall it has been a good experience:) One thing Paul LOVES to do is sleep! And so, of course I've taken his picture while he sleeps:)
 At Grami's house during a bday party for Jonathan
At church in the playscape at Bridge's bday party:)
 At a CHEER COMPETITION!!! Do you know how LOUD those are???:))
 You can only imagine what he thought about a cheer competition!!:)
 We play games some nights before bed- he loves Uno- he said we should have a bet and whoever loses has to do the dishes! I loved the idea! But then it came down to me and him-- and he totally LET ME WIN! But I talked him out of him doing the dishes- it was the thought that counted!
 We took him skating and he LOVED it! They have roller blades in Korea but not the old school skates- he asked me to take a picture of one so he could put it on facebook and show his friends and family back home!
 He was really good at skating so I asked him if they have skating rinks in Korea. He said, "no- in Korea it is free, we skate on the street"  Makes sense.

We are blessed by Paul and this whole experience and I am glad we're doing it! So thankful that the weekend is almost here again and we can just relax and have fun as a family- we've been too busy lately as usual! We're going to the Tim Hawkins concert (christian comedian) on Saturday. My kids LOVE him and I can't wait to watch them watching him!!

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